10 Lines on Amazon Prime Video

Watching videos to spend free time has become the first choice of people in present times. Official people like watching some educational, inspirational or fun videos to refresh their mind and also to watch the shows they have missed the live telecast of which. Amazon understood the need of people and introduced ‘Amazon Prime Videos’ which can be accessed directly from the device with a working internet connection from anywhere. Amazon Prime Videos comes with a huge collection of shows and available in many languages.

Ten Lines on Amazon Prime Video

Set 1

1) Amazon Prime Videos is a video streaming service from Amazon.

2) Only prime members of Amazon can access the Amazon Prime Videos.

3) The service was launched by Amazon globally on 7th September 2006.

4) Prime Videos are available in all resolution including HDR (High Dynamic Range) and UHD (Ultra High Definition).

5) Amazon Prime Videos is available in about 200 countries in the world.

6) Amazon Prime Videos can be accessed from Smartphones, Amazon devices or directly from a web browser.

7) Prime Videos distributed only original Television Programmes in the starting.

8) Amazon Prime Video features videos of Drama, Comedy, Animation, Documentary, etc.

9) Amazon Prime has partnered with Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, NVidia, Sony, and Roku.

10) Amazon Prime Videos was the winner of ‘Diversity in Media Awards’ in 2017.

Another set of 10 lines on Amazon Prime Videos is provided below with some other information on the topic. The set is very important as the first set above and holds other significant information about the popular video streaming platform. The set will help the reader much if he/she is creating some amazing essay, speech or any other project on the topic. Let’s have a look at the set now.

Set 2

1) Amazon Prime Videos is created and operated by popular American technology company Amazon.

2) The service by Amazon was initially named as ‘Amazon Unbox’ in the United States.

3) Amazon also produces videos belonging to different categories in ‘Amazon Studios’.

4) Amazon Prime Videos was available in India since July 2016.

5) Amazon Prime Videos is 2nd most used video streaming platform in the world after Netflix.

6) The first show from Amazon Studios to win an award was ‘Transparent’.

7) ‘Anime Strike’, an Amazon Prime channel on animated videos was introduced in January 2017.

8) On 5th January 2018, the ‘Anime Strike’ was terminated from Amazon Prime Videos.

9) Amazon Prime Videos is only a video streaming platform popular across more than 200 countries.

10) Amazon Prime Videos is a ‘Video on Demand’ service in the US, Austria, Germany, and the UK and is expected to reach India soon.

Amazon Prime Video is a good try by Amazon to increase the number of its customers and provide them the best of the services. Amazon Prime Videos has covered the whole world except a few countries like China and others. Although Prime Videos is not on the 1st position on the ranking of market share it is very close in the competition and growing so much rapidly that we can expect it to reach globally on top position very soon.

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