10 Lines on Tree

It is a tall plant that is capable of living for a very long time. The Earth is blessed with so many resources. Some are natural while some are man-made. If these resources are used appropriately, they will appear more beneficial to us, not only for us but for the next generations also. One such beautiful gift of nature is trees. There is nothing more beneficial on this Earth than the trees. Therefore, today we will discuss trees in detail.

Ten Lines on Tree in English

Here, I’m providing a few lines on Tree in the form of sets. This topic is useful for students of all the classes for their knowledge. The language is kept simple so that every student can easily understand the topic. These lines will help students in exams as well as in doing their homework.

10 Lines on Tree

1) We need trees to maintain a healthy environment.

2) They provide us with oxygen to breathe.

3) They provide shelter to many animals.

4) They keep the atmosphere clean.

5) They give us fresh air.

6) We get wood from trees.

7) Some trees are used for medicinal purposes.

8) All the fruits that we eat come from trees.

9) They consume carbon dioxide and maintain its level on the Earth.

10) We should save trees as well as plant more trees around us.

10 Lines and Sentences on Tree

1) Trees are useful to us in many ways.

2) They are responsible for maintaining the ecological balance.

3) Trees also give us flowers, rubber, paper, etc.

4) They support proper rainfall.

5) They give us rubber and paper.

6) We also get shade from trees.

7) Trees prevent soil erosion.

8) There are several varieties of trees.

9) Trees help in controlling environmental pollution.

10) Life on the planet is impossible without trees.

5 Lines on Tree

1) Trees are the best gift of nature.

2) They give us uncountable things.

3) They support life on Earth.

4) They balance the ecosystem.

5) We need to save trees.

20 Lines on Tree

1) Trees are large plants with branches and leaves.

2) Trees play an important role in climate change.

3) Trees make nature more beautiful and healthy.

4) They can also help in water conservation.

5) Some trees are long while some can be short.

6) The temperature of the earth is controlled by trees.

7) Without trees, survival will be difficult for all living things.

8) Trees are also used to create art like bonsai and tree shaping.

9) Woods that we get from trees are used to build homes and furniture.

10) They are responsible for reducing the effect of greenhouse gases.

11) They reduce the risk of floods.

12) Trees are considered “Green Gold”.

13) Some trees have holy significance.

14) Crown, trunk, and root are the main parts of a tree.

15) Branches and leaves that form the crown make food for the tree.

16) A tree’s roots hold it in place and absorb water and minerals.

17) Trees get their shape from their trunks and branches.

18) On the basis of leaves, trees can be evergreen or deciduous.

19) Trees are the primary source of energy on earth.

20) Mango, Banyan, Oak, Neem, Coconut, etc are some trees.

Humans are the greediest species on this Earth. They didn’t care for the other lives and even for the upcoming generations. They are using the resources in such a way that the next generation will suffer a great loss. For today’s pleasure and comfort, humans are cutting trees at a rapid speed. If this continues, soon there will be no trees left on the Earth. As a result, humans will face difficulty in living. Therefore, without wasting time we should take proper steps to stop cutting down trees and focus on planting more and more trees.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Tree

Q.1 Which is the oldest tree on Earth?

Ans. A large bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) growing in California holds the record for the oldest tree with a verified age. According to current estimates, it has been around for 5,076 years.

Q.2 Which is the tallest tree on the Earth?

Ans. Coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) in Redwood National Park, California, are believed to be the tallest trees on earth.

Q.3 Which tree is considered sacred in India?

Ans. In India, Peepal, Banyan, Bael, etc are considered sacred.