10 Lines on My Favorite Food

Food is essential for living. The human body can only survive a few days without food. Food, that we eat, gives us energy and stamina to perform our daily tasks. Food is not only eaten for filling our stomach, but they also give us satisfaction. There are varieties of food available in today’s modern world. Everyone has a different taste and they love eating different food. Some people are generally very fond of food. Everyone has their favorite foods and preferences. Eating our favorite food gives us joy and happiness. So, today we are going to discuss My Favorite Food.

Ten Lines on My Favorite Food in English

Here, I’m presenting a few lines on My Favorite Food in the form of sets. This topic is usually given as homework to the students. The below given lines will surely help students of all the classes to do their homework easily.

10 Lines on My Favorite Food

1) My favorite food is Pizza.

2) Pizza is Italian food.

3) I love homemade pizza.

4) It is very soft to eat.

5) My mother makes delicious pizza for me.

6) She makes pizza with healthy things.

7) She adds lots of vegetable toppings which makes it healthy and yummy.

8) I often take pizza in my lunch box.

9) All my friends also love pizza.

10) The pizza looks so cheesy, crispy, and tasty.

10 Lines and Sentences on My Favorite Food

1) My favorite food is Khichdi.

2) Khichdi is prepared with pulses and rice.

3) It contains lots of vegetables.

4) It is very healthy for us.

5) We should eat Khichdi often to stay fit.

6) It can be cooked quickly and easily.

7) My mother cooks tasty Khichdi.

8) Khichdi is a light diet, it can be digested easily.

9) Khichdi with pickle and ghee is more delicious.

10) Khichdi is rich in many beneficial nutrients.

5 Lines on My Favorite Food

1) My favorite food is Paneer.

2) It is made up of milk.

3) It is very healthy for us.

4) It is very tasty to eat.

5) I like all the items of paneer.

20 Lines on My Favorite Food

1) I like all the food but Dosa is my favorite.

2) Dosa is healthy food.

3) It is a south Indian dish.

4) My father also loves dosa.

5) It is made with rice and black gram.

6) It is crispy and thin.

7) Masala dosa, paper dosa, etc are some varieties of dosa.

8) I love all kinds of dosa, especially masala dosa.

9) Masala dosa is stuffed with potatoes.

10) My mother cooks tasty masala dosa.

11) I love eating dosa with coconut chutney and sambar.

12) It is made by fermenting urad dal and rice.

13) Dosa is mainly a thin pancake.

14) It is very delicious food.

15) It is prepared with very simple methods.

16) We can prepare dosa with a few ingredients.

17) I mostly prefer dosa at breakfast.

18) When we visit a restaurant, I always prefer dosa.

19) The smell of dosa makes me hungrier.

20) I always request my mother to prepare dosa.

Everyone has a different choice in terms of food. Many people like pizza, and burgers, while some loves dosa, biryani, etc. However, favorite food should not be eaten daily. If we eat our favorite food daily, it will no longer remain our favorite food. We get bore of it. Today, junk food is mostly preferred by children. They are not good for our health and growth. They are prepared quickly but lack nutrients. We should always eat healthy food to remain fit and fine.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Favorite Food

Q.1 Is there any national food of India?

Ans. No, India does not have any national food.

Q.2 What are the healthy food to eat?

Ans. Vegetables, dry fruits, sprouts, pulses, eggs, fish, etc are some healthy food.

Q.3 What is junk food?

Ans. Foods that are high in calories and are bad for our healthy are considered as junk food. Some examples are cake, chocolate, sugary drinks, etc.