10 Lines on Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev is an ace Chess Player, Grand Master, and International Master. Tania belongs to a family where her mother was also an athlete and her father Mr. Pammi Sachdev is a businessman. Like a genius, Tania got interested and proficiency in chess from a very early age and she put in all effort to make her skill perfect. Tanya had started to be titled since a very early age and her family supported her too in polishing her talent. There is a lot to know about her so we have created few sets of 10 lines on Tania Sachdev. Check them out now.

Ten Lines on Tania Sachdev

Set 1

1) Tania Sachdev is an eminent Indian chess player holding many prestigious titles.

2) Tania belongs to Delhi in India and was born on 20th August 1986.

3) Her career started with a Bronze medal in the 1998 World U12 Girls Championship.

4) Tania had become the “Asian U-14 girls’ champion” by the year 2000.

5) Tania was the ‘Asian Girl Junior Champion’ for the year 2002.

6) Her first major victory was achieved as the title of Woman Grandmaster in the year 2005.

7) Tania became the ‘National Women’s Premier Chess Champion’ for two times in 2006 and 2007.

8) Tania married to Viraj Kataria in 2014.

9) Tania was awarded the ‘best women chess player’ at the Reykjavik Open in 2016.

10) Tania is sponsored by the ‘Red Bull’.

Set 2

1) Tania Sachdev had an interest in chess by her mother since the age of 6.

2) Tania had completed her schooling from Modern School at the Vasant Vihar area in New Delhi.

3) For further education, Tania had joined Sri Venkateswara College, a university in New Delhi.

4) Tania was coached by K.C. Joshi, IM Vishal and GM Ubilava during her career.

5) Tania is the 8th woman Grand Master of India.

6) Tania won the title of ‘International Mater’ in 2008.

7) Tania also works as a chess presenter and commentator.

8) 2012 ‘Women’s Chess Olympiad’ brought an individual Bronze medal for Tania Sachdev.

9) Tania was awarded the Arjun Award, every sports person’s dream, in the year 2009.

10) Tania Sachdev’s husband Viraj Kataria lives in New Delhi and is an Architect.

Set 3

1) Tania Sachdev is known as the glamour girl of Indian chess (an indoor game).

2) Tania is the most promising chess player from Northern India.

3) She became the queen of Asian women’s chess in Iran on 11th September 2007.

4) She also won the National Chess Championship in the same year.

5) Her dream is to win the world championship now.

6) The Asian Championship is her biggest title so far in the senior category.

7) She has become the female Grand Master in very short period of time.

8) Tania Sachdev is the eighth female player from India to become a Grand Master.

9) In the final round of Asian championship held in Tehran in 2007, Tania managed to win the title by playing with China player Xu Wenjun by 6.5 points.

10) Tania attributes her success at the Asian level to her coach Vishal Sarin.

Set 4

1) Tania Sachdeva is an Indian chess player who has won the title of International Master (IM) and FIDE of Women Grandmaster (WGM).

2) Tania was born on 20th August 1986 in Delhi.

3) Tania Sachdeva started learning chess with her mother Anju at the age of 6 years.

4) Her parents provided her with vocational training.

5) She was trained by V.S.Joshi and during her early years she won several medals and crowns.

6) In 2002, she won the Asian Junior Girls Championship in Marwala.

7) She did her schooling from the Modern School at Vasant Vihar, Delhi and graduated from Sri Venkateswara College.

8) She won the National Women’s Premier Championship of India in 2006 and 2007.

9) She has played for the Indian National Team in the Women’s Chess Olympiad in 2007.

10) In 2005, she became the eighth Indian player to be awarded the Women’s Grandmaster title.

Tania is gifted with versatility and this is the reason for her being active and successful in various fields. Besides of being a good chess player, she also spends her time in modeling. Tania is gifted with not only a brilliant mind but also a charming and attractive face which sometimes creates hurdle for the opponent to focus on her game. Tania is the pride of India and we hope to see the best of her in the future.

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