10 Lines on Rastriya Poshan Abhiyan

80% death of infants, girls, boys, and pregnant women in India is caused by the lack of proper nutrition. Seeing the data year by year, it had become important for the government to bring focus on the problem. To get rid of the problem, the government launched a campaign namely ‘Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyan’. Details of the programme are provided below through the sets of 10 lines on Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyan. You can read them and get all the information.

Ten Lines on Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyan

Set – 1

1) Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyan was a campaign by the Government of India.

2) The campaign was started by the government in March of 2018.

3) The objective of the campaign was to reduce the causes of malnutrition in India.

4) While proposing the plan, the government had cleared that the Gram Panchayat will play the most important role.

5) The programme was mainly for pregnant women, midwives, girls, children, and newborn babies.

6) These are the part of society that necessarily need proper nutrition.

7) The government had allocated around 9000 crore rupees to the programme.

8) The government also used modern technologies for the successful implementation of the programme.

9) The campaign was also advertised over Television and Radio.

10) Under the campaign, the government also worked on spreading awareness among people concerning proper nutrition.

Set – 2

1) The Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyan was for whole India, especially the rural parts.

2) All the government bodies on the rural level had their separate responsibilities.

3) Panchayat representatives had to motivate people to understand and adopt the programme.

4) Anganwadi Workers had to ensure vaccination of pregnant women, infants, and children.

5) Apart from it, they also had to provide proper nutrition to the children in their school.

6) ASHA Workers had to take care of pregnant women and regularly measure the weight of infants.

7) Radio and Televisions channels had the responsibility of timely provide the appropriate information regarding the campaign.

8) NITI Aayog had the responsibility of smoothly running the campaign.

9) The government had also provided Anganwadi and ASHA workers with smartphones and tablets to continue the programme digitally.

10) The various state governments assisted central government in the campaign.

Rashtriya Poshan Abhiyan was not just a campaign but a mass movement. It could not be so much success without the participation of every individual in the programme. To celebrate the success of the campaign, the government also proposed a ‘Rashtriya Poshan Maah’ (National Nutrition Month).

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