10 Lines on Akanksha Singh

Akanksha is a very talented Indian basketball player. Though she is very young, she has achieved much fame and glory from all around the world. She has become an inspiration for every Indian. Let’s have a look at the sets of 10 lines below, which illustrate some important information about her career and achievements. These interesting facts about her will be proved important for you.

Ten Lines on Akanksha Singh

Set 1

1) Akanksha Singh is a player in India Women’s National Basketball Team.

2) Akanksha debuted in the Senior Nationals in the year 2003.

3) She had joined the Indian women’s national basketball team in 2004.

4) In India’s first professional basketball league in 2010, Akanksha emerged as the most valuable basketball player.

5) She was also an ‘A’ grade achiever basketball player in 2010.

6) Akanksha Singh was awarded by Rani Lakshmi Bai Award on 19th December 2016.

7) Akanksha and 3 of her 4 sisters Divya, Prashanti, and Pratima achieved the Rani Lakshmi Bai Award together on the same day.

8) Sisters of Akanksha are completely dedicated to the sports of Basketball like her.

9) The four sisters are famous as the ‘Fantastic Four’ of Basketball players.

10) The ‘Singh Sisters’ are making whole India proud with their hard-work and feat.

We are providing the second set of 10 lines on Akanksha Singh with some other knowledge and facts. This set is important to the same degree as the first set. Providing some extra information, this set will help you in gaining confidence over the topic. The language of the set is kept easy and up to the level for younger students and readers as well. So let’s read the second set of 10 lines without much further delay.

Set 2

1) Akanksha Singh started her career by playing for Uttar Pradesh state.

2) She was born in Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh on 7th September 1989.

3) Akanksha belongs to a family where her 4 sisters and 1 brother also belong to the sports field.

4) During the Delhi University, she had won the Gold Medal in All India University basketball championship.

5) Akanksha Singh and her sister Pratima Singh were jointly the best players in that championship.

6) Akanksha’s brother Vikrant Solanki is a Football player.

7) Akanksha has won the Best Player Award in many domestic tournaments.

8) Akanksha is famous as ‘Small Wonder’ in the Indian Basketball team.

9) Priyanka Singh, sister of Akanksha Singh, is a basketball coach at the National Institute of Sports.

10) Akanksha has been the winner of the Basketball championship in many International tournaments as well.

Akanksha and her sisters are making Uttar Pradesh and entire India proud. They are a symbol of inspiration for other girls in India, and this is the reason they are popular as the ‘Singh Sisters’ in the nation. They have proved that the girls are in no way less than boys, and we hope for the bright future of the sports icon of India.

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