10 Lines on Akanksha Singh

Indian TV Shows are being admired and watched most these days. Most the family members like to watch serial and shows to refresh their mind from the whole day burden. People deeply like the regional shows and one of the major reasons of the popularity of these shows is the flawless acting skill of its artists.

Akanksha Singh is one of those actresses who not only have made her special position in TV Industry but also have made people to acclaim them globally. Akanksha is a very talented actress and she has worked in many TV Shows, Reality Shows and film Industry. Reading about her is not less than an entertaining and inspiring thing. So let’s read about some special events of her life.

Ten Lines on Akanksha Singh in English

Here we have created the first set of 10 lines on Akanksha Singh. These lines are prepared to make you a bit aware about her life journey, education, parenting and career etc.

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10 Lines on Akanksha Singh – Set 1

1) Akanksha Singh is a popular Indian TV and movie’s actress belonging t o Jaipur, Rajasthan.

2) Akanksha was born on 30th July in the year 1990.

3) Akanksha belongs to a family where her mother too has been a famous theatre artist.

4) Akanksha is ranked among the youngest leading ladies in Indian Tele-Vision.

5) Apart from TV, Akanksha has also worked in Telugu, Kannad and Bollywood movies.

6) She made her TV debut in 2012 from the show “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha”.

7) Her first movie in Telugu or Tollywood was ‘Malli Ravaa’ launched in 2017.

8) She also worked in Kannad movies starting from ‘Pailwan’ released in 2019 in 5 languages.

9) Akanksha has played an important role in the bollywood movie “Badrinath ki Dulhaniya’ which was released in 2017.

10) Akanksha is very talented and together with being a good actress, she is also a Physiotherapist.

We are providing the second set of 10 lines on Akanksha Singh with some other knowledge and facts. This set is important to the same degree as the first set. Providing some extra information, this set will help you in gaining confidence over the topic. The language of the set is kept easy and up to the level for younger students and reader as well. So let’s read the second set of 10 lines without much further delay.

10 Lines on Akanksha Singh – Set 2

1) Akanksha has grown up in pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan.

2) Akanksha belongs to a very simple family but her talent has made her the best on the screen.

3) Before coming in TV and movies’ industry, Akanksha had worked in 15 plays in her hometown Jaipur.

4) Akanksha was also seen in few episodes of the Indian crime show ‘Savdhaan India’ in 2014.

5) Akanksha got fame from her first show ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha’ which was launched in 2 series leading in 2012 and 2013.

6) She married to Kunal Sain on 7th December in the year 2014.

7) Kunal Sain is a Marketing Professional and has been in relationship with Akanksha for 6 years before their marriage.

8) Akanksha participated in 2 TV shows in the year 2015 as ‘Nach Baliye 7’ and ‘Gulmohar Grand’.

9) She had joined the popular TV Show ‘Box Cricket League’ in 2016 and was a part of the team ‘Ahmadabad Express’.

10) Akanksha Singh is a versatile actress and she prefers to do different roles instead of being stick to one of its kind.

So what else must be known is that Akanksha Singh is not as usual an actress only but a good writer and a good singer as well. She does not belong to a celebrity family but her talent has made herself a celebrity on national and also on international level. Despite having a busy schedule, Akanksha managed to make time for study and it returned her by back by giving her the title of an acclaimed physiotherapist. Akanksha Singh is still working in TV and Movie’s industry we are like to witness her laudable performance through her upcoming movies and shows.