10 Lines on Namami Gange

The official name of the Clean Ganga Project is the Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission Project or ' Namami Gange '. It is basically the dream mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even before becoming Prime Minister, Modi had given a lot of support to the cleanliness of the Ganges. He promised that if he comes to power, he will start this project as soon as possible.

As per his promise, he started this project in a few months as soon as he had taken the charge of Prime Minister Office. Apart from this, the poor condition of the river also needs to be kept in mind due to the huge amount of untreated sewage and industrial waste being released into the river for many years.

Ten Lines on Namami Gange in English

We are presenting below Ten Lines on Namami Gange Mission for your perusal. These points are important to know the details about this project.

These special facts will help you to about the steps taken by the government, the budget allocated, the completion period, the work that have to be done etc.

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10 Lines on Namami Gange – Set 1

1) The total length of the Ganges River is 2525 km and its basin is 1.6 million square kilometers.

2) It passes through 5 states and a population of 43 crore live on its bank.

3) It is the national river of the country and has 468.7 billion metric water flows in a year.

4) This river is considered as the national river of India which has been polluted due to human activities.

5) This project Namami Gange has been started on July 2014 by the Modi government to make it pollution free.

6) The main objective of this scheme is to clean the Ganges River to make it pollution free.

 7) Its total duration of this project is 18 years from the date of launch of this mission i.e. July 2014.

8) Under this scheme, Dehradun, Narora, Allahabad, Varanasi and Barrackpore will be developed as Biodiversity Heritage Conservation Centers.

9) The responsibility of carrying out this scheme rests with the Union Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Ministry.

10) This is a central government has allocated a budget of Rs 20,000 crores that will be spent on this mission for 2019-2020.

Ten Lines on Namami Gange is provided below for you to understand about this dream project of Modi Government. Through these points you will able to understand the objective of the mission, the works that has to be done, the fund allocated and the completion period of this project.

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10 Lines on Namami Gange – Set 2

1) Namami Gange is a dream project of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi that was started in July 2014.

2) Modi government has formed a new Ministry, the Ganga Rejuvenation Ministry, to clean River Ganges.

3) Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has claimed that by the year 2020, the cleanliness of Ganga will be completed by 70% to 80%.

4) Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone of a 50 MLD capacity sewage treatment plant in Varanasi on 22nd September 2017 to achieve the mission.

5) To make this project successful, all the villages along the river Ganga have been made open defecation free.

6) 63 other sewage treatment plants are being built in five states- Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal with the aim of making this project a success.

7) Under Namami Gange project, repair of 118 cremation sites, construction of 151 Ghats and 28 projects are under progress.

8) To make this scheme successful, the water of all the cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand will be released into the Ganges River only after treatment.

9) The government has also launched a public awareness program to clean the river Ganges through the means of radio, TV, newspaper, internet, and electronic media.

10) This mission will also aim to conserve the aquatic flora and fauna.

There is no doubt that Namami Ganga Mission is a mission started by the government is for the welfare of the citizen and to save the national heritage of our country. The Indian Government has made its aim to clean the pollution of this holy and scared river by the year 2020. But the media reports say that the speed is slower than needed. Hence there is a need to make this mission a success by the mutual cooperation of officials and the people.