10 Lines on Solar Charkha Mission

The Solar Charkha Mission is an initiative by the government of India to make the rural population of India self-dependent. To know more about the mission, you should go through the sets of 10 lines on Solar Charkha Mission below. These sets will provide you with all the possible information about the set.

Ten Lines on Solar Charkha Mission

Set – 1

1) The Solar Charkha Mission was launched by the government of India on 27 June 2018.

2) The scheme is for improving the condition of rural artisans in India.

3) The scheme is monitored by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.

4) The scheme is projected to provide benefits to the 1 lakh artisans in India.

5) The Solar Charkha Mission covers all the artisans including Spinners, Stitchers, and Weavers in India.

6) A budget of 550 crores in allotted to the mission by the government.

7) The Solar Charkha under this mission works with Solar Power.

8) Through the scheme, the government has worked on generating employability.

9) To avail the scheme, the beneficiary needs to apply online for it first.

10) The deadline for the scheme is the year 2020.

Set – 2

1) The Solar Charkha Mission was started from the Khanwa Village of Nevada district in Bihar.

2) The implementation of the programme was made by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

3) The scheme has mainly focused on employing women and young people in India’s rural population.

4) Under the scheme, the government has planned to set-up 2000 Solar Charkhas across India.

5) The Charkhas will be available for a maximum price of Rs 45000 and a subsidy of Rs 15750.

6) The Solar Charkha Mission is expected to be boon for the growth of the rural economy.

7) It will help in stopping the migration of rural population to the urban areas.

8) The beneficiary will also be provided with training under the scheme.

9) The scheme will boost an entrepreneurial skill in the Indians.

10) Apart from employment, the scheme will motivate people to use renewable sources of energy.

The Solar Charkha Mission has helped in making Indian rural people, especially women independent. Also, the mission has made people start their own business without any risk. The support of the government of India makes people confident and inspires them to start their industry.

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