10 Lines on Social Media

Social media is a technological platform which enables a user to communicate with others via texts messages, videos, and status updates. It is a tool to interact with your friends, family and other people. You can access social media through your computer or your smartphone. It keeps you in touch with all the people you are connected to.

Social media is also useful in your office, by this tool you can get in touch with all your colleagues and co-workers of your office, and can share day to day information and data with them all in click of a single button or tap on your phone.

Ten Lines on Social Media in English

Below we have given ten lines on Social Media, by going through these lines you will get an idea about social media, how it is impacting our life. Furthermore you can use these lines in your speeches and debates as well as discussions in seminars:

10 Lines on Social Media – Set 1

1) Social media is a platform where people can post, search, chat and get connected with other people to share their contents, photos, videos and audios.

2) It is a good method to communicate with other people; you can share your emotions, feelings and can know what others are doing.

3) The term “viral” or “go viral” means content has become very popular on social media as most of the people share that content frequently.

4) There are a lot of social sites and apps which runs on your computer as well on your smart phones like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

5) Most of the people also write their own articles on different topics on the website, called a ‘blog’

6) Facebook tops the lists of having 2989 million users, followed by YouTube with 1900 million, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram come next in the position.

7) Social media is also used in digital marketing, advertising, and marketing research purposes.

8) It is also used by different recruitment and hiring agencies and there are many professional social media platform for the same.

9) They might track your activities, your likes and dislikes, hobbies and suggest you something better.

10) Celebrities and stars also run their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page in which they share their photos, videos, and activities with articles.

We have also provided another set of ten lines on Social Media, by which you will be able to understand the power and how to use it safely. You can use these lines in your essays or speech competition on the topic and earn appreciation of your teachers and friends:

10 Lines on Social Media – Set 2

1) Social media is a way to connect, communicate and share your views, photos, videos, texts with your friends, family and other people digitally.

2) It gives you an opportunity to connect and be in touch with others, we are far yet near to them.

3) India comes second in terms of internet users in the world, particularly in the social media platforms.

4) Among 1.3 billion people being online, Facebook tops the list among internet users with 241 million users.

5) Fake news is one of the ill effects of social media creating disturbance in the society.

6) Fake news on social media spread hatred among people resulting in mob lynching, riots, communal clashes, any nuisance activity etc.

7) Social media is also by political parties in their campaigns and appealing for votes.

8) Recently it is alleged that a political parties also take the help of social media to influence and divide the people on caste and religious basis.

9) Social media if used badly can create disaster in life of any person; people with fake profiles can do fraudulent acts with anybody either socially or financially.

10) We have heard of ‘Honey Trap’ where enemies try to sneak into our defence personnel’s profile and try to grab sensitive information through them.

As country is shifting it’s gear towards ‘Digital India’, social media has become a powerful tool by which person can not only get in touch with his relatives and friends, but also can track the news related to growth and development in the country and can raise questions and issues via this platform. But other menaces like fake news, fake profile and fraudsters, honey trap etc need to be curbed with sensible use of social media.