10 Lines on School

We all had a wonderful childhood which we remember throughout our lives. The memory of the games we had played, the friends we had made make us happy all the time, especially when we are going through hard times. We have spent most of our childhood times in our Schools, and perhaps that is the place where we make the first friends of our lives.

Ten Lines on School in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on School for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on School

1) School is the place where our education starts.

2) The school can also be a paved building or a mud hut.

3) Teachers do the work of teaching children in school.

4) School forms a good relationship between a teacher and a student.

5) The environment of School motivates children to learn.

6) Apart from traditional education, students also learn etiquette there.

7) The school allows children from all religions and communities to learn there.

8) All the students in a School are treated in the same way.

9) Discipline values the most in School.

10) School is the place where we only learn and grow.

10 Lines and Sentences on School

1) School is called the ‘Temple of Knowledge’ in Hinduism.

2) The children go to school to learn.

3) After entering the School campus, children become students.

4) Children receive both primary growth and mental growth in School.

5) It is the place where we learn to differentiate between right and wrong.

6) The modern schools are very different than those in the early ages.

7) The value of a school depends on the quality of its teachers.

8) The modern schools also focus on various cultural and social activities for children.

9) There are many schools which also provide learning and enhance the skill.

10) Every single thing learned in School helps us in our lives.

10 Lines on School

5 Lines on School

1) School teaches us discipline

2) School provides a good environment to learn

3) School is the place to learn new skills

4) We make new friends in school.

5) It helps in our social and mental development.

20 Lines on School

1) School is an institution where we gain education and knowledge.

2) Most important members of a school are teachers and students.

3) A school follows a fixed curriculum of studies for every class.

4) Students from different cultural and financial backgrounds study under one roof in a school.

5) School prepares the students to face the challenges of the world and life.

6) Apart from studies, a school must also impart skills in its students.

7) A school must have adequate infrastructure and sanitation facilities for the students.

8) Apart from teaching staff, a school also has office staff for managing other issues.

9) A school conducts a routine assessment of students and makes efforts for their improvement.

10) A school gives us an opportunity to study, interact and progress physically and mentally.

11) School helps in providing a learning atmosphere to the children.

12) In school, there is a relationship between students and a teacher.

13) School is the first stage where a child learns to become a civilized human being.

14) Most of the countries have a compulsory school education for every citizen.

15) Ancient India had ‘Gurukul’ where the children used to stay and learn from gurus (teachers).

16) School broadens the capacity of thought, imagination and attempt to have creative ideas.

17) The school lays the foundation for further or higher studies.

18) In schools, there is a library with lots of books for reading and enhancing knowledge.

19) The schools are of two types as “primary” for young children and “secondary” for the teenagers, passing the primary school education.

20) Some use the word school for their particular department to the focused field of study, E.g. school of biotechnology.

It will not be wrong if I say that Schools are the source of knowledge. It is the only place where caste, religion, community, and race don’t matter. A nation can be great if it improves the condition of its schools. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you must behave in such a way that others can learn something from you.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on School

Q.1 What does the school stand for?

Ans. It is considered that the full form of school is “Sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning”.

Q.2 When was the first school for women established?

Ans. In 1848, the first school for girls was established by Savitribai Phule in Pune.

Q.3 Which was the first school to use uniforms?

Ans. The first school to use uniforms was Christ’s Hospital School, England.

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