10 Lines on School

We all have been in School in our childhood, and most of us must be missing those days. They were the golden days of our life when we only had to enjoy. I have provided some sets of 10 lines on School below. These sets will make you remember your school days, and you will feel mesmerizing by reading them. Take a look on them.

Ten Lines on School

Set 1

1) School is an institution which helps in providing a learning atmosphere to the children.

2) In school, there is a relationship between students and a teacher.

3) School is the first stage where a child learns to become a civilized human being.

4) Most of the countries have a compulsory school education for every citizen.

5) Ancient India had 'Gurukul' where the children used to stay and learn from gurus (teachers).

6) School broadens the capacity of thought, imagination and attempt to have creative ideas.

7) The school lays the foundation for further or higher studies.

8) In schools, there is a library with lots of books for reading and enhancing knowledge.

9) The schools are of two types as “primary” for young children and “secondary” for the teenagers, passing the primary school education.

10) Some use the word school for their particular department to the focused field of study, E.g. school of biotechnology.

Set 2

1) School is a centre of knowledge and information where a child learns lots of things.

2) In school, a child is alone for a few hours doing everything by self, which helps him in building his self-confidence.

3) Children try to socialize in school by making friends which increases their social interaction.

4) School tries to make a child physically and mentally agile by conducting extra-curricular activities and games.

5) According to the ‘Right to Education’ under article 21-A in the Indian Constitution, children aged between 6 and 14 have the right to get free and compulsory school education.

6) There are different boards of school in India viz. CBSE, ICSE and state education boards.

7) School is important in every child’s life because they prepare the child to become self-dependent.

8) A school is a place where a child learns the ability to work with others, especially in a group.

9) Schools are the best centre for cultural and national integration.

10) The school teaches manners and etiquette to the children to become a better citizen and contribute to national development.

Set 3

1) School is an institution where we gain education and knowledge.

2) Most important members of a school are teachers and students.

3) A school follows a fixed curriculum of studies for every class.

4) Students from different cultural and financial backgrounds study under one roof in a school.

5) School prepares the students to face the challenges of the world and life.

6) Apart from studies, a school must also impart skills in its students.

7) A school must have adequate infrastructure and sanitation facilities for the students.

8) Apart from teaching staff, a school also has office staff for managing other issues.

9) A school conducts a routine assessment of students and makes efforts for their improvement.

10) A school gives us an opportunity to study, interact and progress physically and mentally.

Set 4

1) A school is a place where the students gain not only an education but also moral values.

2) School prepares the students for the challenges of career and life.

3) School provides an excellent opportunity to study as well as socialize and make friends.

4) School not only educates a child but also helps in his/her overall personality development.

5) School provides a platform for students and teachers to interact and clear doubts.

6) The school fosters discipline in young minds, which is very necessary for their future career.

7) School gives an environment of learning which is absent at home.

8) The school helps the students to chart out a plan for themselves.

9) School provides an environment to learn and develop, away from home.

10) School has adequate teaching and non-teaching staff to cater to the needs of students.

Schools are the best source of nation-building as they build not only a single personality but also the future generations, who can take the country to a new height and make their nation great. Schools are the building blocks of the nation where the next generation of citizen nurture and grow. They also help in instilling the sense of nationalism and patriotism in the young minds of the children.