10 Lines on Cancer

Cancer is the group of disease in which there is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. It takes some time to appear the symptoms of cancer. There are many potential causes of cancer like tobacco consumption, exposure to toxic compounds, ion radiation, genetics and certain cancer causing bacteria.

If not diagnosed on time the uncontrolled growth of cells might interfere with the human organs and affect their normal functioning turning out to be fatal. Cancer not only affects the normal health of an individual but it is a psychological turmoil to the patient and his family.

Ten Lines on Cancer in English

Below are the 10 lines on Cancer which will help you to understand this fatal disease in depth. It will also help you to prepare an inspirational note for cancer awareness camp organised in your school or your society. You can also use these lines in delivering an effective speech on ‘World Cancer Day’ celebrated on 04th February every year.  Please go though the below lines and use them to enhance your writing:

 10 Lines on Cancer – Set 1

1) Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases prevailing in the modern time.

2) When there is an abnormal growth of body cells which starts invading other body parts the stage is called as Cancer.

3) The uncontrolled cell growth forms a lump, or it can also lead to cell growth in groups leading to tumors.

4) There are more than 100 types of cancer discovered so far by the medical science.

5) There are majorly four types of cancer which are Carcinomas, Sarcomas, Leukemias and Lymphomas.

6) Metastasis is the process by which the cancerous cells are carried to other parts of the body via bloodstream causing development of new tumors.

7) Colonoscopy, Mammography, and Pep test are some of the screening test which helps to diagnose cancer at an initial level.

8) Biopsy is one of the tests which help in definite diagnosis of cancer which involves removal of small amount of body tissue for further test.

9) Around 22% of cancer deaths are caused by the use of tobacco followed by obesity or physical inactivity.

10) Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for cancer which kills the cancer cells and stops their abnormal growth.

You can also go through an additional set of 10 lines on cancer which will amplify your knowledge on the topic. These lines will definitely help you in writing an effective essay or to have a short discussion in the morning assembly. Please go through and use these lines in your writing by also spreading awareness on the topic:

10 Lines on Cancer – Set 2

1) Cancer is the name given to a group of more than 100 diseases which could affect any part of the body.

2) The detection of cancer is very crucial for its treatment; the later it is detected, the more difficult its treatment becomes.

3) Lung, breast, stomach, prostate cancer etc are the most common types of cancer.

4) In India, there were around 3.8 million cancer cases reported in 2016.

5) Tobacco, smoking, alcoholism are some of the very common causes of cancer which could be easily avoided.

6) Most of the Mouth Cancer is caused due to the excessive chewing of tobacco or tobacco based products.

7) Government has set up many Cancer Institutes and Cancer Hospitals across the country so that the patients can treat and recover easily from this fatal disease.

8) There are many NGOs and trusts working to financially support the patients incapable to afford the high treatment cost of cancer.

9) Major types of cancer can be easily prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, avoiding use of tobacco and alcohol, daily exercise and regular medical checkups.

10) Cancer no doubt is a trauma for the patient and his family but fighting it with a strong determination will definitely help to defeat cancer.

There has not been any vaccination or permanent treatment of cancer still, but the time is not very far when medical science will definitely find the remedy and permanent solution to the disease. There are many live examples of people who have fought the trauma of cancer and emerged successful in defeating it. Apart from medicines, the will to survive is also very much important in fighting fatal diseases like cancer.