10 Lines on Brain Drain

Many of us may have heard the word ‘Brain Drain’ or maybe no. This is the time to know something new for you. Brain Drain is a very popular word, and I have created some sets of 10 lines on it below. You should read all of them in order to get the complete ides of the term ‘Brain Drain’.

Ten Lines on Brain Drain in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Brain Drain for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on Brain Drain

1) The migration of highly trained professionals and qualified human resources to other countries is ‘Brain Drain’.

2) Brain Drain is a boon to the developed nations since they get highly qualified professionals without investing in their training.

3) Brain Drain is one of the biggest hurdles in the development of the countries which are still in a developing phase.

4) Unfortunately, India is also suffering from Brain Drain for many decades.

5) Lack of opportunities, infrastructure, equipment, and facilities etc. forces skilled professionals to seek opportunities abroad.

6) Corruption and government reluctances are also much responsible for Brain Drain.

7) High ambition is also one of the causes for the Brain Drain when people settle abroad to get a high standard of living.

8) Dr. Har Govind Khorana, Satya Nadela, Sundar Pichai, etc. are few examples of Indian Brain Drain.

9) The government is working hard to stop the Brain Drain and has taken many steps to provide better opportunities in our country.

10) The recent development in the country has made around 1000 scientists return to India in the last few years, giving rise to Reverse Brain Drain.

10 Lines and Sentences on Brain Drain

1) The emigration of talents from their native country to well-developed countries, for better opportunities, has both good and bad impacts.

2) Many scholars went abroad for higher education, never return to their homeland.

3) As per an international report, India stands first for the brain drain of scientists and researchers to the United States.

4) 4 out of 10 scientists working in NASA are of Indian origin.

5) Albert Einstein immigrated to the United States to escape the Nazi’s, which shows brain drain due to political instability.

6) Brain Drain negatively affects a country’s economic, innovation, and educational development.

7) Brain Drain can stop by providing better opportunities, improving the economic and scientific infrastructure, simplifying laws on ease of doing business etc.

8) The recent change in the economic policies and reforms has given rise to quality jobs and more R&D options in India.

9) The Make in India initiative helps to fight Brain Drain by providing an international platform to the highly trained professionals and skilled labour force in various sectors.

10) The recent development has given rise to ‘Reverse Brain Drain’, which had helped many professionals to get a chance to return to their roots and their homeland.

5 Lines on Brain Drain

1) Brain drain refers to the migration of individuals.

2) It can occur due to a lack of available facilities.

3) It restricts the progress of the nation.

4) It leaves a negative effect on the country.

5) India is also suffering from brain drain.

20 Lines on Brain Drain

1) Brain Drain is actually the negative effects of migration of people from one place to another.

2) Lack of opportunities and technologies and also the political interfere are the biggest cause of Brain Drain.

3) Brain Drain helps people to learn new skills from other country or region.

4) The Brain Drain can be within the territory of a country and also abroad.

5) The migration of people from one geographical region to another is the ‘Geographical Brain Drain’.

6) People living a specific organisation for another are having ‘Organizational Brain Drain’.

7) If a person leaves the entire industry of a specific type, then it is ‘Industrial Brain Drain’.

8) Brain Drain mainly occurs in developing countries.

9) Brain Drain for a developing country is Brain Gain for a developed country.

10) Brain Drain has both positive and negative impacts, so think twice before having it.

11) Brain Drain causes moving of skilled people from one place to another for career options.

12) Brain Drain has many positive and negative effects on the economy of the country.

13) ‘Brain Drain’ is the negative term, while the positive effect is the ‘Brain Gain’.

14) Brain Drain happens because of low employment opportunity and in search of a better salary, technologies and career growth.

15) Sometimes, political turmoil is also a reason behind the huge Brain Drain.

16) Brain Drain causes the industries and economy to lose a great portion of human capital.

17) Brain Drain happens on many levels like geographical, organizational and industrial level.

18) Young, healthy and well-educated people are more likely to experience the Brain Drain.

19) Brain Drain helps people to improve their financial condition.

20) Obviously, Brain Drain has more career opportunities for one, that’s why it happens.

Brain Drain has made the country’s valuable minds to seek better opportunities abroad. India has lost high numbers of well-qualified doctors, scientists, engineers, researchers etc. in the past few decades, which would have otherwise helped in the country’s development. The time has come when the government need to take it seriously and work to curb out Brain Drain by providing better opportunities, better infrastructure, better equipment and better government support. By this, the talents of India will work for India.

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