10 Lines on Safety of Women in India

Safety of women in India has become important in developing nations like India as women are equal contributors to the progress of a nation by playing various roles in the field of economy, corporate, education, politics, banks, sports, businesses, army, police, and many more. Despite effective laws and regulations by the Indian government to curb the crimes against women the frequency of crimes is increasing day by day. The crimes have dented the confidence level of women on safety at various places like home, offices, markets, etc.

Ten Lines on Safety of Women in India in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Safety of Women in India in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines will also help you to gain knowledge about this topic.

10 Lines on Safety of Women in India

1) The safety of women is the biggest problem in India.

2) Women are an important part of society.

3) They are in form of our daughters, mothers, wife, and sisters.

4) Everyday news of crimes faced by women and girls is very common.

5) Women are not given equal status as men in society.

6) They fear going out of the house alone.

7) Many women are not safe in their homes also as they are tortured.

8) The birth of a girl child is a curse in many families in India.

9) They are killed or thrown away in the garbage after birth.

10) Our awareness can help in making our nation safe for women.

10 Lines and Sentences on Safety of Women in India

1) The condition of women is very painful in India.

2) India ranks among the top ten countries for crime against women.

3) Women do not have freedom as men in society.

4) They do not have the right to do anything of their own will.

5) Many girls and women are being sold into prostitution.

6) The brutal rape cases tell about the unsafe situation of women in the nation.

7) The laws given by the government must be strictly followed for punishing the criminals.

8) We all need to bring a change in our thinking about women.

9) We must learn to respect women instead of treating them badly.

10) Men and women together help in the progress of the nation.

10 Lines on Safety of Women in India

5 Lines on Safety of Women in India

1) Women are not very safe in India.

2) Crimes against women are rising.

3) Domestic violence is another issue.

4) Workplace is also not so safe.

5) In India, girl children are considered cursed.

20 Lines on Safety of Women in India

1) The safety of women in India is the prime concern in the present scenario as per national crime records.

2) Women from all parts of life are facing safety concerns like assault, harassment at various places in India.

3) The continuous and terrible crimes against women in India have dented the image of our nation in the past few years.

4) Women in modern India are facing constant threats of an acid attack, domestic violence, rape, harassment at the workplace.

5) Women residing in rural India are facing more threats of violence when compared to urban, due to the high illiteracy rate.

6) The literacy rate plays a bigger role in deciding the social and economic status of women thus providing them greater safety.

7) Women in India don’t have the confidence in police because of the attitude and behavior of the investigating officers.

8) The government has enacted different laws and instituted fast track courts for the safety of women.

9) Slow disposal of cases involving crime against women is still a challenge for the Indian Judicial system.

10) The role of civilians, government, police and our judicial system have become very important in curbing crimes against women.

11) Women are feeling unsafe while going alone outside the home in India in the last few years.

12) Self-defence techniques and training for women are playing a major role in the safety of women in India.

13) Some of the techniques like having pepper spray and French knife in a bag, learning self-defense skills judo, karate prove effective for safety purposes.

14) Education plays a major role in building the character of the person and helps in curbing crimes against women.

15) India needs to overhaul policing reform so as to make police more accountable for women’s safety.

16) The law enforcers in India have to act more proactively in order to ensure timely justice for women.

17) The role of civil society and NGOs have become very important in bringing awareness among the citizens for the safety of women in India.

18) The attitude of every individual towards a girl child should change. Every individual should respect the dignity of women.

19) There should not be any discrimination among men and women. Society should treat every individual whether a girl or boy equally.

20) As a nation, we can’t progress until women feel safe and confident, as in modern India women have a very important role to play in the economy and society.

Women’s safety is a big social concern in India that needs to be resolved by concerted efforts of every citizen of India. The strictest punishment should be given through speedy resolution of cases to the offenders who have committed a crime against women. Crime against women inhibits the growth and development of the nation.

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