10 Lines on Rose Day

The feeling of love is unique for every individual. We usually express our love by giving a rose. There is a day fixed in the year for it. We can learn about it in detail through some sets of 10 lines below. They will amaze you. Read them right now if you don’t believe me.

Ten Lines on Rose Day

Set – 1

1) Rose Day falls on the 7th of February of the year annually.

2) It is the first day of Valentine’s Week.

3) This is the perfect day to start friendship or love between two people.

4) People share different colors of roses like red, pink, orange and white, etc.

5) Each color of rose has its unique feeling and expression.

6) Giving the rose by one to another shows one’s feelings for the other.

7) If the second person agrees with the first’s feeling, then he/she accepts that flower.

8) Besides proving with a single flower, people also offer a bouquet of roses to show their utmost feeling.

9) A single rose expresses care, while six roses tied together show one’s love.

10) No other flower can express one’s love and care better than a Red Rose.

Set – 2

1) The celebration of Rose Day takes place in every part of the World.

2) The Valentine’s Week begins from this day celebrating on 7 February.

3) The word ‘Rose’ has come from the letters of the word ‘Eros’.

4) ‘Eros’ is a God of love in Greek Mythology.

5) Due to Eros, Rose has become the flower of love.

6) The day comes with an opportunity for youngsters to make new friends.

7) Most people share a red rose on the day to express their love for others.

8) They also use a yellow rose for friendship and pink rose to admire one’s beauty and many others.

9) Many people share Roses with their parents also to express their love for them.

10) People from all over the world celebrate Rose Day with great enthusiasm.

The rose is a symbol of love, and it is said that the fragrance of a rose given lovingly is always maintained. Like the fragrance of roses, we should also love our relatives, parents, and friends. We should also pray to God to always take care of our people and our beloved ones.