10 Lines on Chocolate Day

Every day of Valentine’s Week has something very unique to do. The week starts from 7 February and ends on 13 February with Valentine’s Day on the next day. Let’s read about Chocolate Day of this week in detail below through the sets of 10 lines.

Ten Lines on Chocolate Day

Set – 1

1) The third day of Valentine’s Day is globally famous as Chocolate Day.

2) The world celebrates Chocolates Day on the 9th of February every year.

3) As the name suggests, this day is somehow associated with Chocolates.

4) Because of falling in Valentine’s week, Chocolate Day is a day for the lovers.

5) People share Chocolates with those they love the most.

6) Sharing Chocolate is the main tradition of the celebration of the day.

7) Some people share one or two chocolates while many share a bouquet of Chocolates.

8) Sharing chocolates refers to starting a new journey of life with having something sweet.

9) By sharing chocolates, people expect to have love between them as sweet as that chocolate is.

10) People living far away use parcel service to send chocolates to their beloved.

Set – 2

1) Sharing chocolates with our loved ones reflects our love and care for them.

2) People consider it auspicious to start love-life by sharing chocolate as sweet.

3) Even scientifically, eating chocolate is very beneficial for our health.

4) Chocolate is a very nutritious and powerful source of antioxidants for us.

5) It may improve our blood flow and control blood pressure significantly.

6) Everybody knows that eating chocolates reduces the risk of heart diseases.

7) Sharing chocolates makes others feel that they are very special to us.

8) Eating chocolate with parents is also a way to celebrate the day and express our love for them.

9) Thus the chocolate does not only take care of our love but also our health.

10) Celebrating the chocolate day makes our life more pleasant and cheerful.

Although offering chocolates make others feel that we care for them but getting chocolates with some other people fills us with a sense of inner joy and contentment. We should also share the chocolates with poor children on the street so that they can have something to eat. I will suggest you not forget to carry chocolates for your parents when returning home. There can be no better celebration of the day than celebrating it with your mother and father.