10 Lines on Rome was not Built in a Day

Rome was not built in a day. It took many years and efforts of uncountable people to build one of the most magnificent cities in the world. “Rome was not built in a day” is the famous proverb which motivates us for the consistent hard work in life. The phrase “Rome was not built in a day” highlights the importance of patience, regular efforts and determination to achieve success in life. As Rome city was built with persistent efforts, similarly in life we need to work hard till we achieve our goals.

Ten Lines on Rome was not Built in a Day in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Rome was not Built in a Day in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines will also help you to gain knowledge about this topic.

10 Lines on Rome was not Built in a Day

1) “Rome was not built in a day” is a motivational phrase.

2) Nothing big can be achieved in a day.

3) It takes time to do great things in life.

4) We have to work hard regularly for good results.

5) Hard work with dedication makes us successful.

6) It is also necessary to have patience.

7) Failures are part of success.

8) We should be ready to face these failures.

9) We must never lose hope and give up.

10) It takes time to convert our dreams into reality.

10 Lines and Sentences on Rome was not Built in a Day

1) Rome was not built in a day teaches us a valuable lesson.

2) This phrase has been created by John Heywood

3) It states that the elegant city of Rome was not built in one day.

4) The beauty of Rome is the result of the continuous effort of people for years.

5) Success is a step-wise process.

6) There is no shortcut way for success.

7) Success requires regular hard work and firm determination.

8) The people who are dedicated and ready to do an effort become successful.

9) We must never fear failures in the way of success.

10) Great things always require passion and patience.

10 Lines on Rome was not Built in a Day

5 Lines on Rome was not Built in a Day

1) This is a motivational phrase.

2) It means success can’t come in a day.

3) It implies good things take time to happen.

4) Success isn’t achieved through shortcuts.

5) We should have the patience to achieve success.

20 Lines on Rome was not Built in a Day

1) Rome was not built in a day is the famous proverb written by John Heywood, a dramatist.

2) The proverb showcases the importance of hard work and patience behind the success of the nation.

3) The hidden meaning of the proverb is great things take time to happen.

4) The Rome city which is known for parks, gardens, statues which took a great amount of time and effort to build.

5) Rome city was not built in a day, similarly one needs to do consistent efforts for many years to achieve success.

6) The sportsmen, politicians, industrialists have spent years of hard work and dedication to achieve the position in life.

7) Great inventions have taken an infinite number of experiments by scientists to get a meaningful outcome.

8) The phrase Rome was not built in a day motivates us to have proper planning, vision and meaningful execution for any work.

9) Life is not that easy as it seems; we have to continuously make an effort to achieve great things.

10) Every individual has to face the struggles in life but through sincerity, hard work, and continuous effort we can overcome all the adversities.

11) India’s Independence from colonial rule is the best example of phrase Rome was not built in a day.   

12) It took many years of struggle and efforts by our freedom fighters to gain Independence.

13) The other similar proverbs for example haste makes waste, slow and steady wins the race signify the importance of patience in achieving the milestones.

14) It is good to have dreams in life but to convert them into reality one needs to do a great amount of hardship and struggle.

15) To achieve mastery and expertise in any work it’s important to practice the skill for hours.

16) Some of the best examples that connect with the phrase are writing book or novel, innovating technology, experiments in science and research.

17) Each of the work or task whether writing a novel or launching the product needs a great amount of concentration, imagination, and endeavor for many days.

18) The phrase also highlights the importance of day to day hard work more, rather than future outcome.

19) If we have to achieve the bigger goals we need to focus on improving ourselves daily because process is more important than outcome.

20) We can take small steps of improvement daily to attain fruitful results in long term for example changing bad habits for being a better person in life.

The phrase Rome was not built in a day gives us the message that patience, hard work and determination are the keys to success in life. There will always be obstacles and downfalls in life but one can easily sail through them with efforts in the right direction.

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