10 Lines on Role of Teacher

Whenever we talk about God on earth, the first person coming in our thoughts is our teacher. The role and contribution of a teacher can never be compiled in some sentences, though we have tried to create some sets of 10 lines on Teacher and provided below. You can read them, and they will help you with your projects.

Ten Lines on Role of Teacher

10 Lines on Role of Teacher – Set 1

1) Education is very important for the survival of human beings.

2) Learning is an essential factor of education.

3) It is not possible without the help of teachers.

4) Teachers make learning easy and interesting for students.

5) They help in enhancing the learning curiosity of students.

6) They help in completing the course curriculum.

7) They teach students to differentiate between right and wrong.

8) They help the students to realize their hidden talents.

9) The main motive of teachers is to help students to know their potential.

10) They prepare the students to face the future challenges of life.

10 Lines on Role of Teacher – Set 2

1) Teachers help students to progress in their life.

2) They have a great contribution in building a good society and nation.

3) They have a major role in shaping the character of students.

4) They direct the students to follow the right path in their life.

5) They help the students in improving their mistakes.

6) They also guide them to tackle difficult situations in life.

7) Teachers are good friends of the students.

8) They impart knowledge beyond the content of the syllabus.

9) They provide moral education to students by giving them practical examples.

10) Teachers help in the overall development of students.

10 Lines on Role of Teacher – Set 3

1) A teacher is the second parent of his students.

2) A teacher guides a child when his/her parents are not there to take care of him.

3) He works on the mental growth of his students.

4) He tells his students the difference between right and wrong.

5) It is a teacher who nurtures the childhood of his students.

6) He has the responsibility of shaping society.

7) He shows the correct career path to the children of society.

8) He motivates each student to work hard and get success.

9) Instead of religion, he teaches students the moral of humanity.

10) The contribution of a teacher builds the future of a nation.

10 Lines on Role of Teacher – Set 4

1) A teacher is responsible for filling a sense of decency in the children.

2) A teacher is never biased and treats all the students equally.

3) He uses all the techniques and tools to let children gain knowledge.

4) Their honesty and truthfulness is a result of the hard work of their teacher.

5) A teacher never provides his students with false information.

6) Despite mental growth, he also works on their moral sensitivity.

7) He knows the value of hard work and teaches the same to his/her students.

8) Despite the formal education, he/she also encourages students to participate in other activities.

9) It is the responsibility of a teacher to solve every problem of the students.

10) A teacher is more than the god for the children.

10 Lines on Role of Teacher

There is no better profession than a teacher in the world. Even a doctor is a doctor because of his teachers; an engineer is an engineer because of his teachers. We should never disrespect our teachers because whatever we are today, it is because of them.

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