10 Lines on Road Rage

Road rage has become common nowadays. The majority of people are exhibiting aggressive behavior and are quarreling over small issues while driving their vehicles in heavy traffic. The heated discussion among the people on road might sometimes lead to fighting or in extreme situations can even cause the killing of the person. The incidents of road rage happen due to some psychological disturbance among the people which increases their anger and make them impatient towards the critical situation.

Rude and offensive gestures, insults either verbally or physically are some of the common behaviors shown by people during a road rage in order to intimidate the person and release personal frustration. People also commit road rage in order to show their supremacy and influential background.

Ten Lines on Road Rage in English

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10 Lines on Road Rage

1) Road rage means showing anger on the road which has become common nowadays.

2) Number of cases of unnecessary quarrels and accidents are reported in road rage.

3) The cases of road rage are not limited to any particular region it is a nationwide problem.

4) Many people are either getting injured or losing their lives in incidents of road rage.

5) The bad condition of road, traffic and noise pollution are some reasons for road rage.

6) The person should never be allowed to make laws in his hands while involving in road rage.

7) Road rage begins on a petty issue where two parties start quarreling with each other.

8) Both parties use abusive language and hit each other’s vehicle to prove their supremacy.

9) The role of the police is important in dealing with matters related to road rage.

10) Strict laws should be made so that nobody could even think of starting the arguments or fights on road.

10 Lines and Sentences on Road Rage

1) Road rage includes violent incidents which start from quarreling between two people and ends up in the fighting.

2) The incident of road rage starts from quarreling between two people and results in fighting which can either injure or can kill any of the individuals involved.

3) The main reason for incidents of road rage is extreme stress in the people due to bad roads, traffic, heavy congestion on the road etc.

4) Everybody wants to go to his work and wants to come back to his home peacefully, nobody wants to be involved in any kind of road rage issues.

5) There are many reasons for road rage and one could be slow traffic movement on the roads which can raise the frustration level of the people.

6) Many people try to change lanes in order to move faster and this can be also frustrating which can lead to road rage.

7) Bad weather condition is also a reason of road rage as extreme heat in summers can increase any one’s temper.

8) Drunken driving is strictly prohibited as when a person drinks, his senses don’t work and can pick up fight very easily on road.

9) A small altercation on the road must be seriously addressed by the police and strict action must be taken on both parties.

10) Role of an individual in tackling the problem of road rage is very important and can help in reducing road rage cases.

10 Lines on Road Rage

5 Lines on Road Rage

1) It refers to driving angry on the road.

2) Stress and frustration cause road rage.

3) It can raise fights and damage properties.

4) It can also cause accidents and deaths.

5) It includes screaming or excessive horn use.

20 Lines on Road Rage

1) When a driver attempts crime actions or aggressive behavior in traffic or road is Road Rage.

2) The word road rage is put forward by the Los Angeles local news station KTLA.

3) When a person on road or between the traffic misbehaves with another person road rage occurs.

4) The incidents of road rage are increasing day by day.

5) In India and other countries, road rage has become hazardous.

6) There are many reasons by which the incidents of road rage are increasing daily.

7) The stress level of people is one of the main reasons for road rage.

8) People commit road rage sometimes to get rid of their anger.

9) Sometimes people are in hurry and not in the mood to wait in line can also cause road rage.

10) Road rage actually refers to the aggressive behavior of drivers on road.

11) The means of showing anger will be in such a manner that can also harm one’s life.

12) Road rage usually happens when the driver is already frustrated and exhausted.

13) Abusing on road, verbal threats, honking unnecessarily are some ways of road rage.

14) Bad conditions of the road sometimes also become the reason for road rage.

15) The younger people between the ages of 18-25 are mostly involved in road rage cases.

16) Sometimes in road rage, the third person presents out there become the influencer of the fight between the two.

17) In 2015 about 4 lakh cases of road rage were reported.

18) Not following the traffic rules is one of the main reasons for road rage.

19) Instant and strict actions should be taken to avoid road rage.

20) The government should make a law on road rage so that these incidents slow down.

Road rage is a serious threat while you are driving your vehicle on the road. As an individual, we should try to develop certain personal qualities like calmness, patience, compassion for tackling the cases of extreme anger situation or arguments. All the metros in India are facing the problem of road rage due to heavy traffic congestion on road. New Delhi tops the list of having maximum cases of road rage. It’s the duty of the government, NGOs, and civil communities to create awareness among the people about the harmful consequences of road rage.

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