10 Lines on Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

In the world’s largest democracy India, people from different religions, castes, cultures and traditions live together in harmony and peace. India is a sovereign state and our constitution has provided certain fundamental rights to the citizens ensuring a sense of security and freedom. As a responsible citizen we have to contribute towards nation building by performing our duties in rightful manner. Many issues that we are facing today for example corruption and pollution can be eliminated if we are following fundamental duties in day to day life and are vocal about our constitutional rights in society.

Ten Lines on Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Set 1

1) Rights are essential for the development of an individual.

2) The citizens of India must understand their rights and responsibilities.

3) Rights provide us the freedom to do anything of our choice.

4) It is our responsibility to follow all the rules and regulations.

5) It is our right and responsibility to give a vote.

6) We should always be ready to serve our nation.

7) Every citizen should respect the national flag and national anthem.

8) We must respect the rights of other people in the nation.

9) We should live in harmony and peace.

10) Good and responsible citizens can only help in the progress of our nation.

Set 2

1) Rights and responsibilities are conferred on every citizen of India.

2) We must be aware of our rights and duties.

3) Our rights also place some responsibilities upon us.

4) Rights prevent us from doing those things that are not good for all.

5) We must understand that our freedom should not hinder the rights of other people.

6) We must be attentive that our rights must never be violated.

7) It is our responsibility to protect national and public property.

8) We must be loyal to the nation and pay our taxes on time.

9) We must always be ready to participate in community-driven programs.

10) Our positive contribution to the nation can help in its development.

10 Lines on Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Set 3

1) Rights and responsibilities refer to the fundamental principles that govern our society.

2) Rights and responsibilities are the duties of every citizen interrelated to each other.

3) Every state provides fundamental civil rights to citizens which are the pillars of society and culture.

4) As a citizen of India, every individual has a certain set of responsibilities or duties towards the nation.

5) Some of the basic responsibilities are to respect each other, be honest, and have a sense of patriotism for the nation.

6) Our Indian constitution has given us six fundamental rights in order to provide us liberty, equality, and security of life.

7) The six rights are right to equality, freedom, religion, culture, and education, right against exploitation and constitutional remedies.

8) Rights and responsibilities give us a sense of ownership for the society and nation.

9) As a responsible citizen, we should follow laws and regulations, pay our taxes regularly and utilize natural resources carefully.

10) Rights and responsibilities ensure the peace, prosperity, and progress of our nation India in the long term.

Set 4

1) Fundamental rights and responsibilities help individuals in developing their personality and confidence.     

2) Apart from basic rights and responsibilities we have certain duties towards India as a nation as per our constitution.

3) As an Indian citizen we should respect our national flag and national anthem.

4) We must protect and safeguard the unity and integrity of our nation by maintaining peace and harmony in society.

5) We should obey the laws of the land and should always be ready to defend our nation.

6) As a responsible citizen, we should protect national as well as public property example railways, schools, historical buildings and forests.

7) We should respect the rights of other individuals, be compassionate and volunteer for community programs in the society.

8) The condition of society either good or bad is always dependent on our civil rights.

9) Rights and responsibilities of good citizen helps in preventing the government from dictatorship rule.

10) All the citizens should be aware of their fundamental rights mentioned in the constitution so as to protect themselves from exploitation.

Rights and responsibilities play a very crucial role in the welfare of our society and nation. As Indian citizens, we are solely responsible for the development of our country as we have certain duties to fill in our society. If we only follow our fundamental duties, we would surely be making India a great nation.