10 Lines on Ravish Malhotra

You must know Rakesh Sharma very well. He was the first person to reach in space. But do you know anything about Ravish Malhotra? He is associated with the same mission somewhere. You can find it through our sets of 10 lines on Ravish Sharma below. These sets have all the useful information about him. So let’s go.

Ten Lines on Ravish Malhotra

Set – 1

1) Ravish Malhotra is a Test Pilot in the Indian Air Force.

2) He was born on 25 December 1943 in Lahore, Punjab.

3) His father was Late Shri SC Malhotra and his mother was Late Smt. Raj Malhotra.

4) Joining the Indian Defence Services’ especially the Indian Navy was his childhood dream.

5) He is married and has two sons.

6) He had joined the Indian Air Force from the station of Bangalore.

7) He was also a part of the Intercosmos Programme of the Soviet Union in 1982.

8) He had joined the Air Force as a Wing Commander.

9) He was retired on 4 November 1994.

10) He has retired as the Air Commodore of the Indian Air Force.

Set – 2

1) Ravish Malhotra was an experienced Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force.

2) He was also trained for Indo-Soviet Space Mission in 1984.

3) He was a backup cosmonaut of Rakesh Sharma.

4) For his successful training, he had received distinction and credit.

5) Ravish was very pleased to be a part of the Indo-Soviet Mission in 1984.

6) He got Kirti Chakra on 3 April 1984.

7) He has received Kirti Chakra as a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force.

8) He had dreamt of joining the Indian Navy but failed.

9) The reason behind the failure of joining the Indian Navy was his poor eyesight.

10) He has Co-Founded the aerospace division of Dynamatic Technologies and is also its Chief Mentor.

Ravish Malhotra has served the Indian Air Force with all his dedication. During his tenure, he had received much fame and recognition from the entire nation and also worldwide. He knew the real potential of a soldier and is always ready to serve the Indian Air Force and also NASA.

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