10 Lines on Battle of Talikota

The Battle of Talikota is one of the major Battles of India. It was fought in the Karnataka state of India. Vijayanagara was an effective Hindu ruling Empire at that time. Ramrai once tried to divide the Muslim kingdoms of South India. When those states realized his plan, they united and attacked Vijayanagara. What happened later will be discussed below with the help of the given sets.

Ten Lines Battle of Talikota

Set 1

1) The Battle of Talikota was fought on 25th January 1565 at Talikota in Bijapur District of Karnataka.

2) It was a battle between the Sultanates of Deccan and the Vijayanagara Empire.

3) Ahmednagar, Bijapur, Golconda, and Bidar were in the opposite Federation of Vijayanagara Empire.

4) Sadashiv Rai was the ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire and was assisted by his minister Ramrai.

5) The leader of the opposite federation, ‘Ali Adilshah’, asked Ramrai to return them the Forts of Raichur and ‘Mudgal’.

6) Ram Rai turned down his demand so the combined army of the Sultans of the South marched towards Talikota.

7) The Battle started and by the use of Tanks, the Muslim army destroyed the Vijayanagara army.

8) Ramrai who was 70 years old was killed by Hussain Shah in the War field.

9) The Battle ended with the defeat of the Vijayanagara Empire.

10) After the defeat and death of Ramrai, the city of Vijayanagara was mercilessly looted.

We have created one more set of 10 points on The Battle of Talikota. These few additional facts and information will take you deeper and let you understand the actual reason and results of the Battle. The set is prepared in easy language so that the reader of any age should not face any difficulty while reading these lines. So let’s start reading the second set.

Set 2

1) The Battle of Talikota is also known as ‘Rakkasa-Tangadi Battle’ and ‘The Battle of bannihati’.

2) It is considered the most devastating and terrible battle in the history of India.

3) With the growing power of Vijayanagara, the Southern Sultanate became so apprehensive that they forgot their old enmity and decided to unite.

4) Ramrai fought bravely but he was surrounded by the enemy and they brutally killed him.

5) The Battle of Talikota was the end of the glorious era of the Vijayanagara Empire.

6) The weapons used by Vijayanagara’s army were of older techniques in comparison to those used by the Sultanates of Deccan.

7) As compared to the Sultanates of Deccan, there was a small number of cavalry in Vijayanagara’s army, so the Vijayanagara army had to face defeat.

8) The Sultanates of Deccan did not take advantage of their victory and became engaged in fighting each other like before.

9) Eventually, the Sultanates of Deccan were attacked by the Mughal because of their mutual fight.

10) The biggest reason for the defeat of Vijayanagara was the betrayal of the Gilani brothers.

Despite the joint invasion of Muslim states, Vijayanagara had won the Battle but at the last moment, both adopted sons of Ramrai, attacked him on the back and killed him. After this, the women in Vijayanagara were raped and killed and the whole kingdom was robbed. Vijayanagara had a fighting warrior Ramrai but still, they were defeated because no other Hindu King provided him any kind of support while the Muslim rulers were united.

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