10 Lines on Rainy Day

Rainy day brings joy and happiness in nature and the surrounding. It uplifts the mood of people by making the atmosphere calm and serene. On a rainy day, many people invite their friends and loved ones at home to enjoy spending time together. Rain plays an important role in the life of farmers as the growth of crops depends upon rainfall. A decent amount of rain is what every farmer hope for, each year. Rainy day brings sigh of relief from hot weather and makes the atmosphere cooler and pleasant.

Paragraph on Rainy Day

Ten Lines on Rainy Day for Students in English

Find here some sets of well worded 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on rainy day for children and students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. However, these lines are useful for all those who want to know about rainy day in short.

10 Lines on Rainy Day

1) Rainy day has very pleasant weather with cool breeze and rain showers.

2) Rainy day is loved by people of all age group including kids, adults and elderly people.

3) Rainy day uplifts our mood quickly and gives us relief from scorching heat.

4) Rainy day offers a fun break to students as most of the schools declare holiday due to heavy rain.

5) Rainy day is important for farmers as it helps in the growth of crops.

6) Rainy day is also a boon for trees, plants, birds and animals.

7) Rainy day rejuvenates us by making weather pleasant and cool.

8) Everything in nature looks refreshing, colourful and fresh on a rainy day.

9) Rainy day provides respite to a tropical country from intense heatwave.

10) Rainy day in summer season or excess rain can destroy several crops, fruits like mango.

10 Lines and Sentences on Rainy Day

1) Kids come out and play different games to enjoy the rainy day.

2) Rainy day for family means spending quality time together by having hot snacks like pakodas over tea time.

3) Some people spend time by listening music and reading novels on rainy day taking break from daily routine.

4) People enjoy a rainy day by taking a bath in the rain as rainwater is pure and refreshing.

5) Young people prefer to go on long drive during rain as weather becomes cool and pleasant.

6) Students or college grads play popular sports for fun like football on rainy day.

7) In rainy day we can see rainbow in the horizon which gives pleasant feeling to young and old alike.

8) Rainy day during winter makes weather extremely cold which might be harmful to health.

9) Rainy day inspires writers and poets and gives them opportunity to add creative lines in their poems, songs, stories about scenic nature.

10) Nature becomes more rhythmic and soothing on rainy day as we see peacocks, frogs dancing and jumping to celebrate the joy of rain.

10 Sentences on Rainy Day

1) A rainy day or wet day is the day when the rain occurs.

2) Rainy day gives us a respite from the usual hot and humid climate.

3) Rainy day is characterized by a cool breeze, drizzle and the sweet smell of soil.

4) The trees, grass, and vegetation around us get washed by rain and reveals its lush green color.

5) The whole view becomes mesmerizing with dark clouds all over the sky with intermittent lightening.

6) Water becomes abundance and every pool or depression gets filled in the rainy season.

7) Rain brings various reptilian and amphibian species out of their hiding like snakes and frogs.

8) Sometimes during heavy rain, schools declare a rainy days to save the children from getting wet.

9) Rainy day is the day when nature reveals all its hidden surprises to us.

10) Despite all the beauties of the rainy day, it could be a little trouble for people who have to travel.

5 Lines on Rainy Day for Kids

1) Children love a rainy day.

2) It makes the weather pleasant.

3) People enjoy spicy snacks on a rainy day.

4) A rainy day is good for farmers.

5) It is difficult to go out on a rainy day.

5 Lines on Rainy Day

20 Lines on Rainy Day

1) Rainy day comes as a pleasant surprise for all, bringing a pleasant climate and cool weather.

2) Rainy day is also good for irrigation and increases the yield.

3) Rainy day helps to refill the natural water bodies of earth.

4) It gives a new lease of life to the animals that have been struggling in the absence of water.

5) People use umbrellas to travel in the rain and remain dry.

6) Rainy day is mostly loved by the children who don’t spare a moment to play with a paper boats.

7) Rivers, canals and water bodies get swelled up and teeming with life on a rainy day.

8) Many hot delicacies are prepared in the houses for the inhabitants to enjoy the cool weather.

9) The climate becomes pleasant – not too cold neither too hot on a rainy day.

10) Rainy day not only brings out the best of nature but also the people who are seen happy in rain.

11) Rainy Day is the day when dark clouds shower water droplets over the earth underneath them.

12) Rainy Day is very pleasant and beautiful because of the climate it brings.

13) Rainy Day cleans the flora on land and makes everything look new and fresh.

14) Rainy Day also opens up the prospects of conserving rainwater for the future.

15) Rainy Day is nature’s way to rejuvenate the earth and the life on it.

16) Rainy Day brings the blessing of freshwater for all the flora and fauna that depend only on natural water resources.

17) Rainy Day is also good for agricultural activities as many crops depend entirely on rain.

18) Sometimes a rainy day may cause a little discomfort due to clogging of roads and waterways.

19) Rainy Day is best spent sitting on the balcony of your house and sipping on hot coffee.

20) Everything the trees, forests, ponds, animals, suddenly become beautiful on a rainy day.

Rainy day is the day that fills everyone with joy as rain brings calmness and adds scenic beauty to nature, however, sometimes excessive rain can cause damage like floods and bring disruption in our work.

10 Lines on Rainy Day

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Rainy Day

Q.1 What is the smell of rain called?

Ans. Petrichor is a term used to define the smell of rain.

Q.2 Which Indian state receives minimum rainfall?

Ans. Rajasthan receives minimum annual rainfall in India.

Q.3 How can we enjoy the rainy season at home?

Ans. You can enjoy the rainy season by reading books, listening to music, cooking delicious foods, playing indoor games, etc.

Q.4 Why does it rains more at night?

Ans. At night air is generally cooler than day, so rain tends to fall more at night.

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