10 Lines on Quami Ekta Week

There are many celebrations in India. We celebrate festivals that are associated with some religious significance. We also celebrate some national days to commemorate some great people of our country. But there is a week which is celebrated to bring all the people of the country together. This week is called “Quami Ekta Week”. It is also known as “National Integration Week”. To understand this week more clearly, today we will discuss Quami Ekta Week in detail.

Ten Lines on Quami Ekta Week in English

Here, we are presenting few lines on Quami Ekta Week in form of different sets. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided lines on Quami Ekta Week will help you to understand this week and its importance more clearly.

10 Lines on Quami Ekta Week

1) From 19 to 25 November, Quami Ekta Week is celebrated in India.

2) It is celebrated to spread the message of love, unity, brotherhood, and peace.

3) Quami Ekta Week lasts for 7 whole days, and each day has a different goal.

4) Quami Ekta Week starts on the birthday of Indira Gandhi.

5) It aims to bring the people of the country together.

6) Quami Ekta Week is also called National Integration Week.

7) It aims to provide equal rights and opportunities to every citizen of the country.

8) It is celebrated to show how important women are to building a country.

9) Quami Ekta Week has been celebrated in India for a very long time.

10) People observe Quami Ekta Week, with joy and excitement.

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10 Lines and Sentences on Quami Ekta Week

1) The government celebrates Quami Ekta Week to promote the Nation’s integrity and growth.

2) It also encourages people to respect women in all aspects.

3) The Quami Ekta Week celebration starts with a bike rally, planned by the administration.

4) The National Integration Pledge is the first big event of the week.

5) This week is important for everyone’s prosperity and the growth of the country.

6) Many programs like meetings, seminars, legendary events, cultural activities, etc are organized.

7) It is meant to make people feel better about everyone who fought for India’s freedom.

8) Every year, “Secularism, Anti-Communism, and Nonviolence” is the main theme of Quami Ekta Week.

9) Quami Ekta Week is a time for our country to honor the values of democracy and the constitution.

10) The whole week’s celebrations give everyone a chance to remember old traditions, cultures, and faiths.

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5 Lines on Quami Ekta Week

1) Quami Ekta Week is observed in India from 19 November to 25 November.

2) It is celebrated to bring unity and prosperity to the country.

3) The theme of the celebration is Secularism, Anti-Communism, and Nonviolence.

4) It highlights the contribution of women in society.

5) Different programs and seminars are organized throughout the week.

20 Lines on Quami Ekta Week

1) The Quami Ekta Week is observed from 19 to 25 November every year.

2) The week starts with the birthday of our third Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

3) The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was the first group to celebrate this day to promote peace and religious harmony.

4) Quami Ekta Week spreads the message of finding unity in differences.

5) Quami Ekta Week is a time to celebrate and build up the strength of public harmony.

6) During Quami Ekta Week, different programs are held each day related to the day’s theme.

7) The seven days under Quami Ekta Week are celebrated with different themes.

8) On 20 November, “Welfare of Minorities Day” is celebrated.

9) 21 November is marked as “Linguistic Harmony Day”.

10) “Weaker Sections Day” is observed on November 22 in which meetings and rallies are held.

11) On 23rd November, various cultural events are organized to celebrate “Cultural Unity Day”.

12) On November 24, “Women’s Day” is celebrated under Quami Ekta Week.

13) The last day or 25 November is “Conservation Day” which observes several meetings and events.

14) The celebration of Quami Ekta Week starts with National Integration Pledge and bike rally.

15) During Quami Ekta Week, people all over the country try to get along with each other better.

16) For a week, the government runs awareness campaigns in several parts of the country.

17) It also produces funds to assist children who have lost their parents because of communal, caste, ethnic, or terrorist violence.

18) People used to celebrate Quami Ekta Week to protect and strengthen country’s honesty and freedom.

19) Schools, colleges, government and non-government institutions have different themes and goals for the whole week.

20) During the National Integration Ceremony, people make a promise to keep India’s independence and honesty strong.

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Quami Ekta Week is a way to keep the people of the nation together. India is known for unity irrespective of its diverse people. Therefore, it is very important to preserve the unity of the nation. We should celebrate this week with huge participation.

I hope the above provided lines on Quami Ekta Week will be helpful in understanding this week-long celebration properly.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Quami Ekta Week

Q.1 What is NFCH?

Ans. The National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH) is an independent body under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It was set up on 19 February 1992 to promote Communal Harmony and National Integration among child victims (of many social issues) by supporting them financially for physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Q.2 What is the theme of Quami Ekta Week 2022?

Ans. Quami Ekta Week 2022 would emphasize on Rashtriya Ekta, minorities’ welfare, cultural unity, linguistic harmony, women’s welfare, lower sections’ welfare, and natural resource conservation to raise awareness in society.