10 Lines on Purus River

The Purus River is one of the major rivers in South America. It is a tributary of Amazon River. Purus River shares its name with the Alto Purus National Park as well as with the Purus province which is one of the four provinces of Peru located in the Ucayali region. Though Purus River lies in Brazil and Peru, but more than 90 percent of its basin lies within the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Acre.

In the Portuguese and Spanish languages, the Purus River is called as “Rio Purus”. The Purus River basin has 40,000 squares of wetlands and supports a huge biodiversity in the region. Most of the 3211 km course of the Purus River is navigable as many lakes are formed in the region.

Ten Lines on Purus River in English

10 Lines on Purus River – Set 1

1) The Purus River is one of the major waterways which flow in South America.

2) It is the one of the main tributaries of Amazon River in South America.

3) Purus River is a trans-boundary river which flows between Brazil and Peru.

4) It originates in several branches in Southern Ucayali Department, Peru.

5) Purus River runs for a short distance along the Santa Rosa do Purus National Forest.

6) Entering in Amazons state, Brazil Purus River flows to the Amazon River upstream.

7) The length of Purus River is 3211 km and the catchment area is 63,166 square km.

8) The Purus River has five rivers channel which runs in parallel direction to each other.

9) Santa Rosa River is the tributary of Purus River and mouth of the river is 1000 m wide.

10) Above 90 percent of Purus River basin lies in Brazilian states of Amazonas and Acre.

10 Lines on Purus River – Set 2

1) Purus River is one of the major rivers in South America and major tributary of Amazon River with average water discharge of 8400 m3/sec.

2) Purus River shares its name with the “Alto Purus National Park” as well as with the “Purus Province” one of the four province of Peru in the Ucayali region.

3) The river rises in Southern Ucayali Department, Peru and also defines the boundary between Peru and Brazil in the State of Acre.

4) Purus River runs up to a short distance with in the boundary of 231,555 hectares in “Santa Rosa do Purus” national forest and then it joins “Santa Rosa River”.

5) Many Amazonian Tribes had lived near Purus River basin which includes the Apurina and Dani people, the Amahuaca, the Janikuni etc.

6) Purus River is a zigzag river in the world and if it is measured in a straight line from its source to mouth, it would be less than half as long as river’s actual length.

7) It usually gets flooded during December to mid-May, although the floods in the lower course exist till August due to back water effect of Amazon River.

8) The “Purus Red Howler” or “Alouatta Purunesis” is a species of Howler Monkey which resides in Brazil, Peru and some parts of Bolivia.

9) In Brazil and Peru where the Purus River basin lies, have plenty of rubber plantations and cash crops like manioc, cassava, jute etc.

10) “Peckoltia Brevis” is a kind of catfish which is found on the middle and upper amazon which lies in the Purus River basin.

10 Lines on Purus River – Set 3

1) Purus River emanates in the western region of South America.

2) It is stated as a tributary of the river Amazon.

3) The river traces its course in Brazil and Peru.

4) It forms a border between Brazil and Peru countries of South America.

5) The confluence of the Cujar and Curiuja rivers in Peru is the originating place of the Purus River.

6) Purus River is 3211 km in length.

7) The river flows in a zig-zag pattern.

8) The area of the drainage basin of the Purus River is 365000 square km.

9) The mean discharge rate of the Purus River is 8400 cubic meters.

10) Purus River finally unifies with Amazon River from Manaus in Brazil.

10 Lines on Purus River – Set 4

1) Purus River is an important river in South America.

2) It resembles its name with Alto Purus National Park and Purus province of Peru.

3) The river flows in between Madeira and Uacayali rivers when it flows through forests.

4) Purus River has numerous lakes along its shores.

5) The formation of lakes is due to the constant shifting of the course of the river.

6) The lakes help in making the river course easily navigable.

7) The average depth of the Purus River is 15 m.

8) Purus river basin is home to different species of flora and fauna.

9) Many protected areas are present in the river basin.

10) The clearing of forests near the shores of rivers is a great threat to biodiversity.

Deforestation in the Purus River basin has become a major threat to the habitats of many species and also to their existence. Nowadays pollution has also reached to an alarming level which is disturbing the ecosystem of the area around the Purus River. The illegal smuggling of cocaine has also increased in the region which is affecting the life of local tribal people. Areas of Purus River have become a golden root for these types of unscrupulous people.