10 Lines on Problems Faced by Women in India

Number of studies reveal that both professional and non-professional women face problems related to them either physically or mentally, although in today’s world women have achieved lots of accolades with their own talent and labour but the orthodox and conservative thinking of this patriarchal society always wants to supress a woman and devoid them of respectable social status.

In India some social and cultural malpractices, superstitions have also made their life full of difficulties. There is a number of problems and issues which women face daily. Female foeticide, dowry deaths, rape, sexual harassment, even teasing are some of the examples which a woman faces either inside or outside the home.

Ten Lines on Problems Faced by Women in India in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Problems Faced by Women in India in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know about moral values in detail.

10 Lines on Problems Faced by Women in India

1) Gender discrimination is a very crucial problem in India.

2) Women are ill-treated and considered inferior to men in India.

3) They are not allowed to enjoy their freedom as men do.

4) Women have been facing several problems for years.

5) They are not allowed to take part in decision-making.

6) It is prevalent in society that girls are meant to do household works only.

7) Many families do not even send girl child to schools.

8) They marry their daughters at a very small age.

9) Crimes against women have become very common these days.

10) These issues hinder the progress of women

10 Lines and Sentences on Problems Faced by Women in India

1) Women play a very significant role in a family, society, and nation.

2) The status of women in India is miserable.

3) They have been living at the grace of men for years.

4) Even after becoming modern the mindset of people for women could not be changed.

5) Women in India have to face different problems in society.

6) Domestic violence is the most important problem that is faced by women.

7) Rape, acid attacks are crimes that destroy the lives of many girls and women.

8) Sexual harassment at the workplace makes them feel insecure.

9) Many families kill the girl child immediately after birth.

10) The progress of the society and nation is not possible if these issues do not come to an end.

10 Lines on Problems Faced by Women in India

5 Lines on Problems Faced by Women in India

1) Women face gender discrimination.

2) They are restricted from many rights.

3) They are the victim of harassment.

4) Women suffer domestic violence.

5) Dowry system is another problem faced by women.

20 Lines on Problems Faced by Women in India

1) Women in independent India are now in a more respectable position but there are some problems that need to be addressed.

 2) One issue is acid attack which is done with intention of taking revenge by throwing acid on a girl/woman.

3) Another problem is child marriage where a young girl has to suffer a lot with physical, social and psychological complications.

4) Next issue is domestic violence where a married woman is beaten or insulted by her husband or her relatives in the house.

5) Dowry system is the biggest problem faced by women in today’s time.

6) Female foeticide is also a big problem where some families kill a girl child in mother’s womb considering her as a burden.

7) Honour killing is also an issue faced by women where a girl is killed for marrying against the wish of her parents.

8) In tribal areas women are beaten to death after accused of practicing witchcraft and this superstition is still prevalent in India.

9) Rape is one of the big issues which destroy the life of a woman and it is considered as one of the most common crimes to a girl.

10) Sexual harassment which includes eve teasing and alleged touching to women which make them uncomfortable and insecure.

11) Women represent nearly half of the total population of India, but this half population faces numerous problems physically and mentally.

12) Struggle starts right from a girls’ birth where her family in expectation of boy child kills her which is called as female foeticide.

13) Women face gender discrimination from their childhood because they are considered inferior to the boys.

14) Literacy is also a problem faced by women where a girl is supposed to do household works and is not permitted to go to school.

15) Around 70 percent of India’s women are affected with domestic violence and it is the gravest problem of the society.

16) Dowry and dowry deaths especially bride burning is a serious problem which women face and often pay with their life.

17) One problem is child marriage where girls are married at an early age in which they presume it as if they are playing a game.

18) Another problem which is faced by the poor and lower income class is the lack of adequate nutrition given to the girls.

19) Women also suffer from various diseases which affect their health; which arise due to their busy schedule as they ignore their health.

20) As our constitution advocates about equal pay for equal work, women workers are given more work but they are paid less.

All of us know that men and women are nothing without each other. Both of them are equally required for smooth functioning of this world, absence of either of them will bring chaos on this earth but some illiterate and foolish people look upon boys as promoters of their generations but they consider girls as  liabilities.

So much discrimination is held in India with women. Law and order as well as government must come forward and take strict actions so that the people, who commit crimes against any woman or girl, must get severe punishment and a lesson for not doing this in future.

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