10 Lines on Population Growth

The current human civilization is facing many issues like pollution, epidemic, pandemic and natural hazards like cyclones, earthquake and flood etc. Among all these, population growth is the biggest problem and probably the mother of other major issue discussed above. It is time to read more about population growth which you can do through the sets of 10 lines we have provided below. So let’s go right now.

Ten Lines on Population Growth in English

Some well worded sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Population Growth for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are given below to help them in their study , exams and school assignments. Just go through these lines and select the one of your choice:

10 Lines on Population Growth

1) Population growth is the change in the number of people in a country.

2) World human population growth amounts to 83 million people annually.

3) It can either be positive or negative over time, depending on the balance between births and deaths of people.

4) If there are more births than deaths, the population will increase, and growth will be positive and vice-versa.

5) Population growth is measured in absolute as well as in relative terms.

6) The absolute term is the difference in the population at a given period, like in 1950, the world population was 4 billion and, in 2000, it became 6 billion, hence 2 billion increase.

7) The relative term expresses the rate or percentage, like in the year 2000, the rate of global population growth was 1.4 %.

8) Reduced mortality rate, better medical facilities, lack of family planning etc. are few causes resulting overpopulation.

9) Advancement in science and technology has resulted in greater life expectancy of human beings, causing growth in population.

10) Overpopulation, if not controlled, will ultimately result in the degradation of the environment and total depletion of natural resources.

10 Lines and Sentences on Population Growth

1) Population growth brings many serious problems in the economy.

2) The population of India reached 1 billion marks in the year 1998.

3) Some intellectuals predict that India will become the world’s most populous country until 2024 and will cross China.

4) India has 50% of the population aged below 25 years, and over 65% comes under 35 years of age, making India, a country with the most youth population.

5) Lack of family planning is one of the major causes of population growth in India.

6) Due to open borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, illegal immigration is also causing further population growth.

7) Mumbai is the most populated city of India with 12 billion population followed by New Delhi with 11 billion people.

8) Many scientists believe that the earth can hold up to 9 to 10 billion people.

9) Rising population, along with illegal immigration, hampers the equitable distribution of resources to their people, thus leaving many of them deprived.

10) India was the only country among developing nations which started family planning in 1952.

5 Lines on Population Growth

1) India’s population is growing rapidly.

2) It affects the country’s economy.

3) Overpopulation affects human living.

4) It is caused due to lack of family planning.

5) Controlling population growth is necessary.

20 Lines on Population Growth

1) In the 21st century, the world is facing a major problem of overpopulation, a global crisis.

2) The birth rate is steadily increasing, resulting in scarcity of resources as demand increases.

3) People are suffering from lack of food, shelter, pure water and have to breathe through polluted air.

4) Overpopulation causes unemployment which can also affect the economic development of any country.

5) In many countries, including India, the population has crossed all its boundaries resulting in high illiteracy rates, poor health services and resource scarcity.

6) According to the 2011 census, India’s population has crossed 121 crore and is second only to China in the world.

7) People living below the poverty line (BPL) are not aware of the result of this population growth

8) The Indian government has taken several initiatives to educate people about the benefits of family planning which is due to their illiteracy.

9) The government is creating awareness about the importance of family planning, equality of boys and girls by various advertisements on TV, and posters.

10) The controlled population is the key to success for every country in the world.

11) Around 7.6 billion human beings the world, a large part lives in India with more than 125 crore people.

12) Excessive population means the increase in the number of people in a region compared to the resources of that particular region can last.

13) The reason for this increase is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of family planning among the people.

14) As the population increases, consumption of basic needs like food, water, clothing, houses etc. will also increase.

15) With the increase in population, the number of vehicles and industries has increased significantly; severely affecting air quality and has increased the pollution level.

16) Changes in climate patterns, rise in sea level are some of the consequences that we may have to face due to environmental pollution.

17) Overpopulation has exacerbated the acts of violence and aggression as people are competing with each other to obtain resources and have good lifestyles.

18) Increasing the amount of release of greenhouse gases is leading towards global warming, causing ice to melt from icebergs and glaciers.

19) Forests are shrinking to meet the development of urbanization affecting animals in the forest, causing pollution and imbalance in ecology.

20) Due to overuse of coal, oil and natural gas etc., natural resources are depleting very fast, causing serious effects on our environment.

The population is an asset for any country if taken care properly. The uncontrolled population will ultimately lead to several constraints, such as environmental degradation, lack of resources and might also lead to civil war. If we want to have a good human resource development, we have to focus on human development first, as a developed human will develop its resources by his efforts, leading the country in terms of growth and development.

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