10 Lines on Peace and Harmony

Peace and Harmony is the path always chosen by wiser people in order to bring growth and prosperity in the society. However, sometimes the peace and harmony is disrupted due to various social, economical, political and religious factors.

Globalization is changing the future landscape of world at an unprecedented rate. The technological advancement is leading us to a very complex world surrounded by challenges of disputes, conflicts and wars.

Peace and harmony plays a very significant role in resolving the conflicts among the nation through negotiation. It helps in resolving serious issues with dialogues and talks in a very peaceful environment without using a weapon or unfortunate situation of war.

Ten Lines on Peace and Harmony in English

We have provided ten lines on peace and harmony which will help you to know what is peace and harmony, what are the factors affecting peace and harmony of nation, how do we maintain peace and harmony in the society, why is peace and harmony important for mankind etc.

These simple and easy words will help you while writing short essay on peace and harmony, giving speech on peace and harmony, or few lines on peace and harmony for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4.

10 Lines on Peace and Harmony – Set 1

1) Peace and harmony refers to the state without any conflicts, fights or disturbance.

2) Peace and harmony makes a nation to prosper and grow in a very peaceful manner.

3) Peace and harmony depends upon social, economical, political and religious factors of nation.

4) It is the need of the hour for many nations in today’s increasingly complex world.

5) Peace and harmony brings stability and order in society.

6) It also helps in survival and development of mankind.

7) Peace and harmony helps in dealing with many disputes through negotiation and peaceful dialogues.

8) In India, peace and harmony is maintained by the guiding principles of Indian constitution.

9) Peace and harmony is promoted by concept of secularism meaning treating all religions equally in a state.

10) Terrorism, religion, politics, inflation, caste reservation system are the factors disrupting peace and harmony.

Please find below the additional set of 10 sentences on peace and harmony which are written in a very simple language, easy to comprehend and can be helpful for you in exams, quizzes, debates, group discussions, speeches, paragraphs, articles and essays.

10 Lines on Peace and Harmony – Set 2

1) Peace and harmony is largely impacted by terrorist attacks happening mainly due to radicalisation of young minds.

2) People fight in the name of religion leading to spread of communalism and hampering peace and harmony of the region.

3) The rise in prices of essential commodities popularly known as inflation may also disrupt the peace and harmony in the society.

4) The reservation in jobs basis caste system in India has caused many stirs over a period of time hampering the peace and harmony across the nation.

5) Unemployment, illiteracy and poverty raise the crime rate in any country destabilising it further affecting peace and harmony.

6) Peace and harmony promotes the protection of environment and leads to balanced sustainable development.

7) Peace and harmony helps in protecting the rights of the citizen and lead to violence free democratic society.

8) The role of civil society and the government is huge in maintaining law and order in the state thereby ensuring peace and harmony to all.

9) Peace and harmony helps in improving the business and economy thereby solving the problems of unemployment.

10) It also leads to overall well being of human being as it eliminates anxieties, fear and worries.

Every individual in the country should take the responsibility of ensuring peace and harmony in the society. The government, civil societies and NGO’s should work in collaboration to maintain harmony in the society. Every step should be taken by the people to ensure peace and harmony in the country. Any conflicts or issues should be solved by peaceful dialogues and in a harmonious condition. There is no problem in the world which could not be solved by peace and there is no need of violence or war.