10 Lines on Ox

Ox is an animal which is a male offspring of a cow. It is born as a calf but when it grows it becomes an ox. Ox has a strong and long body, with long horns on its head. Ox moves slowly but does heavier tasks. It helps the human beings to do the daily activities. In India ox is regarded as very important animal because many farmers still plough their fields through ox. It is also useful in transportation of the people and food grains from one place to another.

Since ox is a domestic animal it lives with humans. It is tamed so that it could do the laborious tasks. Ox is an important part of the farmers in villages.

Ten Lines on Ox in English

We have provided ten lines on ox in English. After reading these ten lines you will know what is an ox, what an ox is called in India and Australia, what is the plural form of ox, whose offspring an ox is, how many legs and horns an ox have, where the hooves and a humps are located, what an ox eats, what other things an ox eats etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will also enhance your knowledge on this domestic animal and the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘Facts about ox’ or can be used in the assembly discussions. You can also use these lines to write short essay on Ox for class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4 or few sentences on Ox:

10 Lines on Ox - Set 1 (for Class 1 and 2)

1) Ox is an animal which belongs to the class of cattle.

2) An ox is known as “Bullock” in India and Australia.

3) The plural form of ox is oxen.

4) An ox is a male offspring of a cow.

5) Ox has four long legs and two horns on its head.

6) Ox has a long tail on its back and skin is almost hairless.

7) Ox has hooves below its legs and a big hump on its back.

8) Ox is a herbivores animal and eats grass, plants, leaves, fruits and vegetables etc.

9) Oxen can graze the grass of the field for long hours.

10) Oxen also eat other things such as dry grass, hay, grains and cooked food.

We have provided another set of ten lines on ox. After going through these ten lines you will know since when ox has been tamed by humans, how many years an ox lives, what is the use of ox, why ox is used in threshing, why ox is used to run the machine, for what purpose two oxen are used, why a wooden block is kept on oxen, what an instructor of ox is called, what we get from an ox etc.

You can use these lines in your speeches and extempore in the school competitions. These lines will also increase your knowledge on ox and it will also be very useful in the national talent search exams as well as in your GK quiz competitions:

10 Lines on Ox - Set 2 (for Class 3 and 4)

1) Ox has been tamed by humans since 4000 BC.

2) Oxen become adult in four years and they live up to 15 years.

3) Ox is used for ploughing and for pulling bullock carts.

4) Ox is used in threshing of the crops by which grains are collected.

5) Ox is also used to run the machine used for grinding and irrigation.

6) For ploughing and irrigation of the fields two oxen are used.

7) For equal sharing of work a wooden block is kept above the neck of oxen.

8) A person who instructs the oxen to plough the field is called a “Bulloky”.

9) Oxen are trained to perform the heavy and laborious tasks.

10) From ox we get meat, skin for making leather goods, horns are used to make buttons and bones for medicines.

Set - 3

1) Ox is an animal that belongs to the category of working animals.

2) It is the masculine gender of the cow.

3) The collective word for two or more oxes is Oxen.

4) An Ox has an average lifespan of 18-22 years age.

5) A strong body with four legs, two pointed horns, a big hump on the back, and a long tail are the body feature of an Ox.

6) The different species of this animal are found in every part of the world.

7) Bullock is the common name given to oxen in India and Australia.

8) Ox uses its horns as a mechanism of defense from its enemies.

9) Ox is a herbivore animal that feeds on various plant products and grasses only.

10) Castration is done in the oxes to control the animal in an easy way.

Set - 4

1) Ox is an animal that belongs to the family Bovidae.

2) They were raised as domestic animals by people in the village.

3) Ox is considered a hard-working animal.

4) It is the symbol of determination, strength, and confidence.

5) Ox is cattle that had been a helping hand to farmers since ancient times.

6) It is used for ploughing fields and transferring heavier loads from one place to other.

7) Oxes were used in pairs with a long wood log in their neck for ploughing the field.

8) They are also in other agricultural works like threshing, irrigation of fields.

9) Bullock carts used in ancient times as transportation vehicles were pulled by Ox.

10) The development of agricultural tools and machinery in the present era has replaced the relevance of ox.

Ox has so much importance in India that in “Govardhan pooja” which is celebrated the next day of Diwali, the cow and oxen are bathed, decorated, and worshipped. Govardhan pooja marks the importance of oxen in the life of farmers. Oxen racing is also conducted in most parts of India, particularly in the villages where people participate in this race with their bullock carts. Famous writer “Munshi Premchand” has written a story on ox in Hindi as “Do Bailon ki Katha” which was translated in English as “Two Oxen”.