10 Lines on Ostrich

An ostrich is a largest bird in the world. It is mainly found in Africa. Ostrich does have wings but it cannot fly, but they can run very fast. Ostrich is famous for its speed as it runs at the speed of 70 km per hour. It has long and skinny legs, a long neck and a pointed beak. The height of an ostrich could be up to 9 feet. Generally, it is tamed all over the world for its meat. Ostrich has good eyesight and hearing ability; it can detect its hunters from a far distance also.

Ostrich escapes from its predators by running at a very fast speed. Ostriches have the biggest eyes among all the land animals. Ostriches live in open grasslands of Africa which are called as “The Savannah”.

Ten Lines on Ostrich in English

We are giving a set of ten lines on ostrich. After going through these lines, you will know more about the ostrich like how an ostrich looks, what is the height of an ostrich, how an ostrich looks, what sound an ostrich produces, what an ostrich eats, what is a male, female and young ostrich called, how many years an ostrich lives, what is the number of subspecies of ostrich in the world etc.

You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in the exam or in competition of school. You can also take the help of these lines to write 5 sentences on ostrich, 10 sentences on ostrich or to write an essay on ostrich for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 etc.

10 Lines on Ostrich

1) An ostrich is a largest bird in the world, mainly found in Africa.

2) The height of an ostrich is up to 9 feet, which makes it the tallest bird of the world.

3) It has long skinny legs and a long pointed beak; and has the largest eyes among all the land animals.

4) Ostriches have small head; male ostriches have black feathers and female ostriches have brown or grey feathers.

5) Young ostrich produces a chirping sound whereas an adult ostrich produces hissing sound.

6) Ostrich mainly eats plants, leaves, fruits, flowers but it also eats small insects and lizards.

7) A male ostrich is called as a “Rooster” and a female ostrich is called as a “Hen”.

8) The female ostrich gives birth to its offspring which is called as an “Ostrich Chick”.

9) On an average an ostrich lives up to 40 years but some species may live up to 50 to 75 years.

10) There are five subspecies of ostriches known to this world mainly North African, South African, Masai and Arabian.

10 Lines and Sentences on Ostrich

1) There are 34 million ostriches in the world in which African countries have the greatest number of ostriches.

2) Ostriches live in open grassland which is known as “The Savannahs”, which are the big grasslands of Africa.

3) Ostriches move in a group and it is called as a “Flock” or a “Herd”.

4) Egg of an ostrich is the largest in comparison to other birds.

5) The weight of an ostrich’s egg is more than 20 times the egg of a hen.

6) Ostriches can see the attacker from far away, if the attacker chases ostriches, they start running fast.

7) The average speed of an ostrich is 70 km per hour and it can run with the same speed for a longer time.

8) Whenever ostriches are attacked by hunters, they use their feet to kick them; the kick of an ostrich can even kill a lion.

9) Ostriches are hunted especially for their meat also lots of clothes and leather products are made by ostrich’s skin and fur.

10) Ostriches are found in Africa only however they can be also seen in the zoos of other countries.

10 Lines on Ostrich

5 Lines on Ostrich

1) Ostrich is a tall bird.

2) They are the largest bird.

3) They can’t fly.

4) They are omnivorous.

5) They have the largest eggs.

20 Lines on Ostrich

1) Ostrich is a flightless bird that is adapted to live in hot and arid regions.

2) It is only found in Africa but reared in different countries of the world.

3) Common Ostrich and Somali Ostrich are only two living species of Ostrich among the 9 species.

4) Ostrich is an omnivore that feeds on both plant products and meat.

5) A large rounded body, long legs, and elongated neck are the body features of an ostrich.

6) The average lifespan of an ostrich is 40-45 years.

7) Ostrich is of grey, reddish, pinkish body color depending upon their subspecies.

8) The weight of an ostrich is about 60-150 kg.

9) The newly born young ones of an ostrich are called chicks.

10) They are slightly yellowish in color with brown spots on their body.

11) Ostrich is the largest bird on land that belongs to Genus Struthio.

12) Ostrich with a running speed of 70 km/hr is the fastest running bird on land.

13) It is known as the bird laying the largest egg in the world.

14) Ostrich lives in a group that consists of 5-50 members in it.

15) Running, forward kicking, and lying flat on the ground are the tactics of defense mechanism in an ostrich.

16) Ostrich can survive for a long time without drinking water.

17) It is most active during the morning and evening hours of the day.

18) Female ostrich is capable of finding out her own egg from other eggs.

19) It is mostly hunted for its feathers, meat, and skin that are used for commercial purposes.

20) Excessive hunting and habitat loss are the factors leading to the decline of the ostrich population in the world.

An ostrich is a large flightless bird, especially when compared with other birds. Ostriches have wings but they are not able to fly, in fact, their wings help them to run fast and to change their direction while running. They are one of the fastest-running birds and can run at a speed of 70 km per hour. They can also sense their attackers from a very far distance and run away from that place. If they are attacked by some wild animal then ostriches can kick them powerfully with their strong legs.

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