10 Lines on Ostrich

An ostrich is a largest bird in the world. It is mainly found in Africa. Ostrich does have wings but it cannot fly, but they can run very fast. Ostrich is famous for its speed as it runs at the speed of 70 km per hour. It has long and skinny legs, a long neck and a pointed beak. The height of an ostrich could be up to 9 feet. Generally, it is tamed all over the world for its meat. Ostrich has good eyesight and hearing ability; it can detect its hunters from a far distance also.

Ostrich escapes from its predators by running at a very fast speed. Ostriches have the biggest eyes among all the land animals. Ostriches live in open grasslands of Africa which are called as “The Savannah”.

Ten Lines on Ostrich in English

We are giving a set of ten lines on ostrich. After going through these lines, you will know more about the ostrich like how an ostrich looks, what is the height of an ostrich, how an ostrich looks, what sound an ostrich produces, what an ostrich eats, what is a male, female and young ostrich called, how many years an ostrich lives, what is the number of subspecies of ostrich in the world etc.

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10 Lines on Ostrich

1) An ostrich is a largest bird in the world, mainly found in Africa.

2) The height of an ostrich is up to 9 feet, which makes it the tallest bird of the world.

3) It has long skinny legs and a long pointed beak; and has the largest eyes among all the land animals.

4) Ostriches have small head; male ostriches have black feathers and female ostriches have brown or grey feathers.

5) Young ostrich produces a chirping sound whereas an adult ostrich produces hissing sound.

6) Ostrich mainly eats plants, leaves, fruits, flowers but it also eats small insects and lizards.

7) A male ostrich is called as a “Rooster” and a female ostrich is called as a “Hen”.

8) The female ostrich gives birth to its offspring which is called as an “Ostrich Chick”.

9) On an average an ostrich lives up to 40 years but some species may live up to 50 to 75 years.

10) There are five subspecies of ostriches known to this world mainly North African, South African, Masai and Arabian.