10 Lines on Newspaper

Newspaper is a thing which is circulated in almost every household. In the morning when we open our doors the hawker throws a newspaper in our home. The importance of newspaper is not generated in recent years but its utility was known to the people when India was not even independent.

Newspapers played an important part in the freedom struggle as many freedom fighters started criticizing the British government and burned the lamp of independence among the people. As we know that media is the fourth pillar of democracy and newspapers play an important role in nation building and spreading awareness among the people.

Ten Lines on Newspaper in English

We have provided ten lines on Newspaper in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is a newspaper; how many times newspapers comes; which language newspaper is popular in the world; which language newspaper is popular in India; what newspapers give; how many sections are in newspaper; what newspapers do for news effective reporting.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will also enhance your knowledge on newspaper; the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘Newspaper’ or can be used in the assembly discussions.

10 Lines on Newspaper – Set 1

1) A newspaper is a publication where news are printed on a paper and circulated in the homes.

2) There are newspapers which are printed on daily, weekly and fortnightly i.e. in 15 days basis.

3) Newspaper is printed in many languages in which English newspaper is widely circulated.

4) In India lots of people read Hindi newspaper followed by English and other languages.

5) Newspaper gives news and information of what is happening around the world.

6) Usually people like to read newspaper which contains news and information of their local area or city.

7) Newspapers have different sections for different topics like politics, economy, sports, national etc.

8) Newspapers use photographs to explain the news in a better way.

9) Newspapers also include comic series, crossword puzzles, daily horoscope and weather forecast for recreation.

10) In the newspaper a page is called the editorial where noted journalists and writers express their views on any topic.

We have provided another set of ten lines on newspaper. After going through these lines, you will know that what newspapers consist; what kind of news we get in newspaper; what is classified section in newspaper; what is editorial section in newspaper; what are the advantages of newspaper; what are the disadvantages of newspaper.

You can use these lines in your speeches and extempore in the school competitions. These lines will also increase your knowledge on newspaper and it will also be very useful in your seminars as well as in your GK quiz competitions.

10 Lines on Newspaper – Set 2

1) A newspaper is a form of print media which has number of paper sheets containing news, information, analysis etc.

2) We get various information regarding politics, business, sports, national and international news etc.

3) Newspapers keep us informed about what is going in nation and in world as well as the development in every field.

4) There is a section called ‘classifieds’ where people give advertisements for job, product sale, for house on rent etc.

5) In editorial section of newspapers noted persons write their opinions on a certain topic, people can also write their comments.

6) Newspapers also build the nation and guide the government related with the policies and people’s views.

7)  Newspapers spread awareness on issues of national interest or health concern.

8) Some fraud persons give advertisements in the newspapers to trap the innocent people for making money.

9) Some powerful people pressurize media houses in order to publish news which favours them and criticizes others.

10) Very large population of India is illiterate where people can’t read newspaper and become dependent on others.

10 Lines on Newspaper

The set of Ten Lines on Newspaper has been provided below for the readers that will give them some important facts on the benefits of reading newspaper. A lot of advantage of reading newspaper is suggested for the readers that will motivate them to purchase and read newspapers as they have many detail information of every aspects of life.

This set of Ten Lines on Newspaper will be also useful for students as they can develop the habit of reading newspapers from the early age that will enhance their reading skill as well as they will get information about every aspect of life that will help them in upcoming exams.

10 Lines on Newspaper – Set 3

1) Reading newspapers is one of the best habits people can adopt.

2) It provides detailed information about all the events around the world simply by sitting at one place.

3) Man is a social animal and in order to live comfortably and peacefully in the society one must know what is going on around him.

4) The newspaper not only helps in providing information about the area around you but also makes you aware of important news around the world.

5) It offers many benefits including improving vocabulary, enhancing general knowledge, and providing entertainment.

6) However, students are especially advised to read the newspaper regularly as it gives them many benefits.

7) Newspapers provide information about our locality as well as other parts of the world.

8) Different types of newspapers are published to cater to the needs and interest of different types of people in the society.

9) The newspapers contains the latest information about various fields including sports, politics and business.

10) Regular newspaper reading also helps students to prepare for various competitive exams as these tests mainly assess their general knowledge.

In the following set of Ten Lines on Newspaper the advantage of reading newspaper in anyone’s life has been provided that will motivate the readers to start reading newspapers regularly. These special points will also bestow the information of the benefit of reading them to become aware about the certain knowledge from all around the world.

The set of Ten Lines on Newspaper will also help students to know about why reading newspapers are important in their life and what kind of information they will get.

10 Lines on Newspaper – Set 4

1) Newspapers are a house of information.

2) Reading the newspaper provides many benefits.

3) Newspapers introduce us to the latest happenings around the world.

4) It is necessary to follow the news regularly to keep information about current affairs.

5) Newspapers cover all important news events and are a reliable source of news.

6) Newspapers cover news from the worlds of politics, cinema, business, sports and more.

7) Newspapers also include employment and business opportunities as there are advertisements regarding both the subjects.

8) Newspapers can be a good tool to improve vocabulary and grammar.

9) It is one of the best ways to increase general knowledge which is helpful when taking competitive exams.

10) Newspapers are available in different languages ​​and at an effective price at every nook and corner around the world.

Newspapers are not only a source of news, but also an option for those who want to make their career in media and journalism. Those people can become reporter, journalist, editor, column and content writer and can earn a hefty amount.

With the passage of time lots of TV channels are opened which broadcast news, it has made the popularity of newspaper less in comparison to news TV channels. But newspapers have also adapted and adjusted themselves with the changing scenario. E- Newspapers, websites and news apps are available online for readers.