10 Lines on Natural Calamities

Natural disasters are extreme events that are caused either due to environmental factors or because of human-aided activities like exploitation of natural resources and underground water. Across the globe, natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, tsunami, and cyclones have created widespread destruction to lives and property from time to time. Despite being advanced in technology we have faced the wrath of natural disasters many times in the history of mankind. We as humans can’t stop natural disasters but can take preventive measures to minimize the impact of natural calamities.

Ten Lines on Natural Calamities in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Natural Calamities in form of sets in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This topic is useful for students of all classes as well as those preparing for competitive exams. These lines will also be helpful for all the curious citizens of India who wanted to know about this topic in detail.

10 Lines on Natural Calamities

1) Natural calamities are also called natural disasters.

2) These events are caused by the nature itself.

3) Human activities can also be the cause for the occurrence of these events.

4) Natural calamities can happen anywhere in the world.

5) It cannot be controlled by human beings.

6) Floods, earthquakes, etc. are examples of natural disasters.

7) Natural calamity causes a big loss of life and properties.

8) It also causes damage to the environment and animals.

9) Some places are totally destroyed by natural disasters.

10) We must follow proper safety measures to be safe.

10 Lines and Sentences on Natural Calamities

1) Natural calamities are destructing events caused by the nature.

2) These events occur on a large scale and small scale.

3) India also faces several natural disasters throughout the year.

4) Floods or drought are most common every year.

5) These are dangerous for agriculture and crops.

6) Tsunami is mostly caused in coastal areas.

7) Landslides and avalanches occur in mountainous regions.

8) Early warning systems can be useful in saving the lives of many people.

9) Early shifting from that place can also help people.

10) The disaster management team works in the rescue process after the occurrence of disasters.

10 Lines on Natural Calamities

5 Lines on Natural Calamities

1) Natural calamities are caused by nature.

2) They can be earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc.

3) It can damage the livelihood of humans.

4) It can take place anytime anywhere.

5) Human interference can provoke natural disasters.

20 Lines on Natural Calamities

1) Natural calamities are the untimely events caused by environmental factors.

2) Natural calamities lead to loss of lives and can damage properties.

3) Some of the common natural calamities are floods, droughts, cyclones, and earthquakes.

4) Natural disasters are also caused due to human aided factors like cutting trees, exploitation of natural resources, etc.

5) Natural calamities are bound to occur but preventive measures can be taken to minimize the impact of the disaster.

6) Natural calamities have increased the awareness of the world about the conservation of the environment.

7)  The environmental imbalance in the world has resulted in frequent disasters in India too.

8) Natural calamities create huge economic loss to the nation by damaging roads and bridges.

9) Natural calamities can be averted by sustainable development projects favoring the environment.

10) Natural disasters like cyclones can be prevented by taking help from satellite forecasts about the weather details.

11) Natural disasters like earthquakes and Tsunami can kill millions of people and damage the properties in a moment of time.

12) The response to natural calamities needs a proper management plan so as to minimize the extent of damage to lives and property.

13) Global warming and climate change due to human interventions have led to many natural calamities like floods, storms, and cyclones.

14) Urbanization and industrialization have led to massive erosion of forest cover resulting in natural calamities.

15) In India, the government has enacted the ‘Disaster Management Act’ to face natural calamities.

16) The ‘National Disaster Response Force’ has been constituted for the purpose of safety of lives during calamities.

17) Various kinds of funds like ‘Prime Minister Relief Fund’ and ‘National Disaster Relief Fund’ help the victims of natural disasters.

18) The honest and hardworking leadership team formed by the government is required to deal with calamities like Tsunami and cyclones.

19) People in the developed nation have taken insurance coverage for their houses and belongings in order to save them from damages during natural disasters.

20) Natural disasters or calamities have a deeper impact on the life of an individual, society and the nation as a whole.

Every nation should be ready in advance for dealing with natural disasters. Awareness programs should also be organized by the government insensitive and affected areas so that relief operations could be carried out successfully in case of natural calamities. The sustainable development in harmony with nature is the need of the hour for preventing our nation from natural calamities.

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