10 Lines on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention is a very popular phrase that always motivates people to discover and invent new things in life. Without inventions, our life would become stagnant and meaningless. Needs and necessities are the constant driving factors for the new inventions in the field of technology and science. Necessities in the life of human beings whether it’s for food, clothes or shelter have led to great inventions from time to time.

Ten Lines on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Set 1

1) ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is a well known proverb which means the need is the primary force behind all inventions.

2) Necessity acts as a catalyst for people to achieve their goals in life.

3) Necessity inspires scientists for great technological inventions.

4) A need motivates an individual to solve the problems through inventions.

5) The transport systems, mobiles, computers, electricity are the inventions driven out of the desire of humans.

6) Necessity compels people to invent new means of survival in a competitive world.

7) Necessity makes an individual passionate about life and brings positivity and success.

8) Inventions driven out of need have made human life easy and convenient.

9) Inventions and necessity are directly related to each other.

10) Human’s uncontrollable desire to succeed leads to new inventions.

Set 2

1) The necessity of saving human life has lead to many revolutionary inventions in the medical industry like medicines, surgical equipment, etc.

2) Necessity or need-based inventions have also led to some disadvantages like pollution, environmental issues, etc.

3) The necessity of technological advancement in the field of defense has led to the invention of destructive atomic bombs and missiles.

4) The necessity of humans is a never-ending cycle which would always compel them to invent something new.

5) There won’t be any invention if there is no necessity for it for humans.

6) Some inventions for our necessity have made people lazy, like the appliances which help us in our routine work.

7) The process of the invention has been going on since ages as the need of humans keeps on changing from time to time.

8) The feeling of non-satisfaction among humans has led to discovering new things like rockets helping astronauts to step on the moon.

9) Inventions lead to rapid industrialization which is crucial for fulfilling the needs and necessity of a large population.

10) Inventions also satisfy the necessity of individual thereby bringing harmony and peace in the society.

Technology is changing at a faster pace in modern times. The inventions happening every now and then are making the life of humans more comfortable. The use of inventions should always be for the right purpose so that it can provide benefits to the entire humanity.

There are also some disadvantages of certain inventions which have adversely affected us like nuclear bombs, advanced ammunition, guns, etc which were invented for protection but eventually became the instruments of mass destruction.