10 Lines on National Bravery Award

National Bravery Awards are distributed & constituted by the Government of India & Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW). Annually set of some 25 Indian National children from 5-16-year age group (Below than 16 years) are honoured for their “Meritorious Acts of Bravery Against all Odds”. In 1957, This award was introduced & constituted. There are five categories of awards under National Bravery Awards.

Ten Lines on National Bravery Award

Set 1

1) On 2nd October 1957 while watching a performance at the Red Fort India’s 1st PM Pt. J.L. Nehru confronted a rescue action by 14-year-old Scout.

2) Harish Chandra Mehra, 14-year-old Scout helped several people from the fire break out caused by a short circuit in the tent.

3) He rescued a thousand people by ripping off the tent by his knife, and the whole incident inspired Nehru for the establishment of the National BraveryAward.

4) After a discussion with authorities, Nehru established the National Bravery Award for the appreciation of fearless acts performed by children across the nation.

5) The first National Bravery Award was presented to Harish Chandra on 4th February 1958.

6) In the Memory of “Chopra Children” Sanjay Chopra Award & Geeta Chopra Award was established in, 1978.

7) Geeta Chopra & Sanjay Chopra lost their lives while confronting their kidnappers.

8) Another category of National Bravery Award is Bapu Gaidhani Awards & It was established in 1980.

9) Another category of National Bravery Award is The Bharat Awards & It was established in 1987.

10) Every year on 14 November or in January National Bravery Awards are announced.

Set 2

1) On the eve of Republic Day, National Bravery Awards are presented by the Prime Minister.

2) After the prize distribution ceremony, President hosts a reception party for introducing the brave faces to the media.

3) These National Bravery Award recipients also take part in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi.

4) Applications for the National Bravery Awards are applied and sent by the various officials at the local & district level.

5) Last date for National Bravery Awards application submission is 30, September.

6) There is a committee constituted by the ICCW for selecting the Awardees of National Bravery Awards.

7) Representatives from government & non-government organizations are the members of the National Bravery Awards selection committee.

8) First National Bravery Award was addressed to Sowmith for saving a child from drowning.

9) Every year various applicants sent their applications for selection in the specified category of National Bravery Award.

10) Sadly, there are various children honoured posthumously by National Bravery Awards.

National Bravery Awards were established for recognizing and appreciating the brave efforts made by the all young Indian National children who saved several lives by their fearless and smart efforts, without thinking about the consequences, these young souls fearlessly rescued thousands of lives.

Some of the Brave child warriors even lost their lives while saving other lives. Some of us still facing fear over various natural & man-made calamities, but there are dozens of children who not only act wisely but they also take risk of their lives for others, so this kind of act should be saluted and honoured by a lifetime recognition.

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