10 Lines on National Bamboo Mission

Bamboo is a very important type of grass with lots of benefits. If it vanishes from the earth, human survival may fall in danger. For securing us from this hazardous situation, the central government has launched a scheme. You can read about it through the sets of 10 lines on National Bamboo Mission below.

Ten Lines on National Bamboo Mission

Set – 1

1) National Bamboo Mission is launched by the Government of India.

2) It was started on 25 April 2018.

3) The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has implemented this scheme.

4) The objective of the mission is to increase the number of Bamboos in various areas.

5) Apart from it, it also works in yielding different variety of Bamboos.

6) The government has mainly spotted those sites where Bamboo is very less in number.

7) Under the mission, 105000-hectare area of land will be covered with different varieties of Bamboo.

8) The central and state governments together contribute to the mission.

9) The government has also planned to promote various small and medium scale industries based on Bamboo.

10) This will help in the generation of employment for youth in India.

Set – 2

1) The Ministry of Integrated Development of Horticulture sponsors National Bamboo Mission.

2) The mission is not applied all over India but in some limited states.

3) For ensuring the growth of the mission, the Government has also planned for proper advertisement.

4) The government will also provide proper tools and techniques for the adequate production of Bamboo in India.

5) For the plantation of Bamboos, the states will be chosen based on social, commercial, and economical adaptability.

6) For the mission, the central and state government will collect funds in the ratio of 9:1.

7) There will also be hosted Bamboo Mandi in some areas.

8) The National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) is the parent mission of the National Bamboo Mission.

9) The government will contribute 100% of the fund in Union Territories.

10) Bamboo Treatment Units, Product Processing Units, Infrastructure Projects will also be established by the government.

The National Bamboo Mission is a commendable initiative of the Government of India. Despite enhancing the quality of nature, it will help the human being in living a healthy life. It will also generate much employment and livelihood for millions of families. There is widespread support seen in the people regarding promoting the scheme.

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