10 Lines on Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a globally well-known personality. She was famous for her service towards the people. Reading about her is not less than an honour for us. For it, we have created some sets of 10 lines on Mother Teresa. These sets will help you in getting plenty of information about her.

Ten Lines on Mother Teresa

Set – 1

1) Mother Teresa was a nun in a Roman-Catholic church and a philanthropist.

2) She had born on 26 August 1910 in Ottoman Empire.

3) She had an urge to live a religious life since her childhood.

4) She reached India in 1929 and adopted its citizenship.

5) She was suffering from heart-attack during the last days of her life.

6) The Government of India awarded her with Padma Shri in the year 1962.

7) She also received Bharat Ratna, the highest Indian civilian award, in 1980.

8) 5 September 1997 was the day when she breathed last.

9) Mother Teresa was globally famous for her service towards the poor and sick people.

10) There are global architectures named after her including road, hospitals, airports, and streets.

Set – 2

1) The actual name of Mother Teresa was Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.

2) She could fluently speak five languages.

3) She started her participation in social service at the age of 18.

4) At the beginning of her career, she also taught in a missionary school.

5) The Christian community celebrates her death anniversary as the ‘Feast Day’.

6) It was 1981 when she changed her name to Mother Teresa.

7) She served every individual, whether a poor or a Dalit.

8) After the death of Mother Teresa, she was known as ‘Blessed of Kolkata’.

9) In the year 1950, she founded ‘The Missionaries of Charity’ in Kolkata.

10) She was beloved of every individual.

10 Lines on Mother Teresa

Set – 3

1) Mother Teresa is referred to as the idol of generosity.

2) She was born on 26th August 1910 in Skopje city of Macedonia.

3) She belonged to an Albanian family in Skopje city.

4) Her birth name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.

5) She was named Saint Teresa of Calcutta by the Roman Catholic Church.

6) She spent her major years of life in India.

7) A missionary of Charity was established by Mother Teresa in 1950.

8) There were 4500 nuns in this religious institution.

9) They served by providing shelter to the people who were homeless.

10) The institution was providing service in 133 countries during 2012.

Set – 4

1) Mother Teresa was a religious woman and had great faith in God.

2) She got her name as Mother Teresa after becoming a nun.

3) She dedicated her entire life to the service of humanity.

4) She left her family in 1928 when she was of 18 years.

5) She thereafter became a member of the Sisters of Loreto Abbey.

6) She came to India in 1929 for her training schedules.

7) She spent her initial 20 years teaching in school.

8) She also provided education to the poor and needy children.

9) Mother Teresa had received several awards for her great deeds.

10) She took her last breath on 5th September 2016 at an age of 87years.

In the field of social service, Mother Teresa has set a milestone. She has got the blessings of the poor society. She suffered a lot during her life but never gave up her act of social service. She was, she is, and she will always remain an inspiration for the people belonging to the field of service.

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