10 Lines on Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was the most loved and admired personality of the American Film Industry. Why don't you read about her through some sets of 10 lines on Marilyn Monroe that we have prepared? You can find them below and read anytime because these sets are adaptive for the reader of all ages.

Ten Lines on Marilyn Monroe

Set – 1

1) The world knows Marilyn Monroe as a very famous model, singer, and actress from America.

2) She had born on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles, California of the United States.

3) She completed her schooling from Emerson Junior High School and Van Nuys High School.

4) She started her career by working with an American Aviation company ‘Radioplane Company’.

5) She worked for the next few years as a successful model for advertisements and magazines.

6) As an actress, she initially got very small roles in the movie.

7) Some of her famous movies are the Misfits, Monkey Business, Love Happy, and Right Cross, etc.

8) She had married her first husband Jimmy Dougherty in 1954.

9) She died on 4 August 1962 in her hometown.

10) Her cause of death was drug overdose which the researchers say a suicide.

Set – 2

1) The real name of Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jeane Mortenson.

2) She had born in a very poor family.

3) She had been experiencing sex exploitation since her childhood.

4) She started her career as an actress with the name Marilyn Monroe.

5) She had married three times in her life.

6) Before her death, she appeared at the birthday party of American president John F. Kennedy to sing the birthday song.

7) She had won Golden Globe Award in 1960 for the movie ‘Some Like it Hot’.

8) During her career, the world knew her as a ‘Sex Symbol’.

9) She had spent some years of her life working in an ammunition factory.

10) It is still not clear who Marilyn’s father was.

Though Marilyn Monroe achieved much fame and success, there was not a bit of peace in her life. She got all the worldly amenities but not a happy life. If we put all these things aside, we see that she got the career she had aspired in her childhood. She made her dream come true through her hard work and dedication.