10 Lines on Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born on 1st June 1926 in America, was a popular model, actress, singer and the most famous female character of the 20th Century. At the time of her birth, her name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. As 1946 proved to be a pivotal year, she changed her name as Marilyn Monroe after her grandmother. Her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker was an aggressive and insane woman and wasn’t able to handle her children properly. Her whereabouts of her father remain unknown even today.

10 Lines on Marilyn Monroe

Set 1

1) Marilyn Monroe previously known as Norma Jeane Mortenson was a famous model, actress and playback singer in The United States.

2) She was born to Gladys Pearl Baker, who was a mentally unfit lady and unknown father on 1st June 1926.

3)  In her initial stage of life, she was reared in foster homes and orphanages.

4) In 1942, she got married to Jimmy Dougherty her next-door neighbor. But the relation didn’t last long and they divorced in 1943.

5) After her divorce, she joined an arms factory for a living where she met David Conover, a photographer.

6) David was much amazed by her photogenic look and her snaps became very popular among the cover page of magazines.

7) She got a chance in Hollywood movies and soon became a popular actress of her time. She had performed a lead role in many popular English movies and dramas.

8) In between these years, she met a baseball star Joe DiMaggio, with whom she had decided to spend the rest of her life. They decided to marry in 1954. 

9) She finally came into limelight when she was posed for the subway grate scene for the movie “The Seven Year Itch” in September 1954.

10) At the age of 36, she took her last breath in 1962 from an overdose of Barbiturates.

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Set 2

1) Marilyn Monroe was a famous American actress, model, and singer.

2) She was born on 1st June 1926. Her father is unknown and mother’s name was Gladys Pearl Baker.

3) She lived a distressed and difficult life in her childhood.

4) At the age of 16, she married her neighbor Jimmy Dougherty, but the marriage didn’t last long.

5) She worked in an ammunition factory to earn her living after her divorce.

6) She met a photographer, David Conover, who showed her the path to Hollywood.

7) In a short period of time, she became popular. Her glamorous look, photogenic face, and sensuality were admired by everyone.

8) She also joined drama school. Her acting in the movie “The Seven Year Itch” made her a star.

9) After her success in Hollywood movies, she remarried with a baseball star Joe DiMaggio, but given to his cruel and jealous nature she again decided to divorce him.

10) She died from the overdose of Barbiturates, a sedative, at the age of 36.

It is well said that money and fame can’t bring happiness and peace of mind. When we go deep through Monroe’s life, we see that difficulty and distress from childhood to death hours. To overcome anxiety and stress she was addicted to sedatives and drugs which made her internal organs weak and sick. Although she had reached the peak of her life with name, fame, and money by her own intentions yet survived a painful and distress life throughout.