10 Lines on Child Marriage

There have been many evil practices in the world and also in India. One that I recall at the moment is ‘Child Marriage’. It is a very hot topic which must be discussed. Some sets of 10 lines on Child Marriage below will help you with all your doubts and queries regarding the topic. Why don’t you read them right now?

Ten Lines on Child Marriage

Set 1

1) Child Marriage is related to the marriage of children.

2) Most of its practices occurred in the ancient civilizations.

3) It was a very important and sacred ritual in those days.

4) It had no minimum change of children to be married.

5) Factors like poverty, dowry, and illiteracy, religious, cultural and family pressure were strong causes for child marriage then.

6) Almost every continent was cursed with the tradition of child marriage.

7) Child marriage became illegal in India after 1929.

8) The Indian government has fixed the minimum age of 18 for girls and 21 for boys for their marriage.

9) The world has got to know now that child marriage is not good for the couple and also the society.

10) Child marriage has almost disappeared from the world.

Set 2

1) Child Marriage is related to marrying two children at a very young age.

2) It was mostly found in ancient times and almost every community and religion.

3) Child Marriage was never beneficial for society from any perspective.

4) The girl was physically and mentally not ready to bear the responsibility of a wife in child marriage.

5) Also, the boy was physically and financially not strong.

6) Child Marriage was like destroying the childhood of two children.

7) Under child marriage, most of the girls were treated with domestic violence.

8) The Sarda Act of 1929 made child marriage an illegal practice.

9) Child marriage increased female crimes, damaged their health, and also caused death.

10) Many great personalities like Raja Ram Mohan Roy had spoken against this sin.

Set 3

1) Child marriage is the act of marrying a child before 18 years age.

2) It can be the marriage of a girl child with a man or adult.

3) The marriage of a girl child with a boy child also falls under this.

4) The marriageable age might be different in different nations.

5) It is 18 for girls and 21 for boys in India.

6) This act is stated as breaching of human rights.

7) Every one girl out of five becomes a victim of this social evil.

8) Early marriage results in several health issues in girls.

9) This is due to teenage pregnancy at a very tender age.

10) They also get deprived of educational opportunities.

Set 4

1) Child marriage is a social evil in society.

2) It is commonly practiced in different regions of the world.

3) Girl children are major sufferers of this evil.

4) It clearly depicts gender inequality.

5) Many of the girl brides become the victim of domestic violence.

6) Poverty, illiteracy, and dowry are the major cause of this social evil.

7) Daughters are treated as a burden in many societies.

8) The people marry them at early ages and get rid of their responsibilities.

9) Child marriage has also been practiced in many regions as a part of their culture.

10) Comprehensive sex education can be a preventive measure for this social evil.

The international and also the Indian government have made many laws against Child Marriage to eradicate it from society. Education has also brought a major change in society. People have changed their mindset now. Child Marriage has almost ended from society, and we expect it to be completely ended in the future.

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