10 Lines on Bill Gates

Microsoft Windows has taken over the entire world and is found in most of Personal Computers. The man behind it has a very inspiring life journey. You should read about him through some sets of 10 lines on Bill Gates that we have provided below. You should all of these sets right now.

Ten Lines on Bill Gates

Set – 1

1) Bill Gates became globally famous after co-founding Microsoft Corporation.

2) It was 28 October 1955 when this great person took birth in Washington, United States.

3) He had written his first software programme when he was only 13 years old.

4) On 4 April 1975, he founded Microsoft Corporation with his friends.

5) The first retail version of Microsoft, MS-DOS was launched on 20 November 1981.

6) He married Melinda Gates in the year 1994.

7) In 2000, he founded the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’.

8) He also founded the ‘Branded Entertainment Network’ in 1998.

9)He has also tried his skill in literature by writing three books.

10) Many documentary films have featured the story of Bill Gates.

Set – 2

1) Bill Gates is a famous software developer and entrepreneur.

2) After founding Microsoft, he has always managed to be in the list of richest people in the world.

3) The famous ‘Giving Pledge’ foundation was established by Bill Gates and a friend.

4) In 2006, he founded ‘Terra Power’ in Washington, United States.

5) He has been many times in the list of top influential people in the world by Time’s Magazine.

6) He has also been very active in philanthropy.

7) Cascade Investment was founded by him in the year 1995.

8) He and his wife have also worked for some social causes in India.

9) For their philanthropy in India, the Indian government awarded him with Padma Bhushan in 2015.

10) The current net worth of Bill Gates is 10,490 crores USD.

Bill Gates founded many famous industries that changed the way people used technologies. His contributions are worth to be praised. By donating most of his income, he has proved that social welfare is superior to personal profit. His wife has supported him in whatever he did and what he is doing.

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