10 Lines on Moral Values

Most of the times while reading a story from a book, we often come across the sentence – ‘the moral of the story is’. Moral values are very much important in our life, because they shape our life; moral values convert a living being into a true human being.

We start learning moral values since our childhood: firstly through our elders and then, when we start going to school where we learn moral values from our teachers and friends. Learning and practicing moral values is an ongoing as well as a lifelong process. A person who does not have moral values or he has not learned and practiced moral values, he will be not be able to differentiate between good and bad.

Ten Lines on Moral Values in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on moral values in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know that what moral values are; moral values stand up to which phase of our life; how moral values can be acquired; what help does moral values give; and what is normative and descriptive sense of moral values.

You can add these lines in your moral values essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition or ppt (Power Point) presentation in your class. It will also enhance your knowledge on moral values, the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘moral values’ or can be used during the assembly discussions and will definitely make a mark by countering the lack of Moral Values in students; making their conduct more morale and just.

10 Lines on Moral Values

1) Moral values are the concept of doing right things and are basic guidelines for living.

2) Different people have different points of view regarding moral values.

3) Moral values can be a set of standards and principles which come from different sources.

4) From childhood to our adult phase we keep on learning and improving ourselves by regularly acquiring new moral values.

5) People can learn moral values from religious texts, parents, teachers, cultures and traditions etc.

6) The opposite of moral is immoral i.e. wrong things to do.

7) Moral values help us to judge a person and his nature, behaviour and character.

8) The word ethics is also used sometimes in place of moral values which has same meaning.

9) The descriptive sense of moral values refers to the moral values that come from cultural values, tradition, religious teachings etc.

10) The normative sense of moral values refers to the moral values practiced by a group of people belonging to a specific culture.

10 Lines and Sentences on Moral Values

1) Moral values or morality comes from a Latin word ‘moralis’ which means manner, character, and proper behaviour.

2) Moral values describe the ideals and principles of behaviour and it teaches about what is right and wrong.

3) The ideals and principles of moral values which we learn throughout our life help us in building our nature and behaviour.

4) From ancient times, our country India is well known for best moral values and practices and is regarded as a well cultured country.

5) If a person has never learned about moral values then he will not be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

6) Moral values indicate an individual’s character as well as his nature and behaviour.

7) Practicing moral values help us in building good relationship in personal as well as in professional life.

8) Moral values can help in ending the problems like – dishonesty, violence, cheating, jealousy etc.

9) Moral values can counter the bad acts of the society like disrespecting women, child abuse, violence and theft etc.

10) Moral values help a person to deal with petty issues and also tough situations in life and can be very important for self-motivation.

10 Lines on Moral Values

5 Lines on Moral Values

1) Moral values make us good humans.

2) Kindness, honesty, etc are some moral values.

3) It teaches us discipline.

4) They guide us to make good decisions.

5) Moral values build positive character.

20 Lines on Moral Values

1) Moral values ​​are values ​​defined by society, on the basis of which an individual’s character is judged.

2)  Individuals who possess these qualities are considered an asset to the society.

3) Moral values ​​define the norms of right and wrong, and good and bad.

4) Moral values ​​include good habits such as honesty, helpfulness, integrity, respect, love, hard work and compassion.

5) People expect individuals with good moral values.

6) One of the things the interviewer examines during job interviews is whether the prospective employee holds good moral values.

7) In addition to the basic ethical values, every organization has a defined ethical code of conduct that employees are expected to follow.

8) An organization with disciplined employees, who have good moral values, operates more systematically than those where these basics are not sorted.

9) In such organisations there is less corruption and everyone gets a fair chance to learn and grow in such an environment.

10) Unfortunately, today’s youth do not attach much importance to moral values and do not hesitate to lie, cheat and use other immoral practices. 

11) Moral values ​​are good values ​​like kindness, generosity, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, self control and respect.

12) Individuals who possess these qualities are loved and respected by everyone in the society.

13) They not only live a discipline life, but also help bring out the best in those around them.

14) Their dedication to work, their sense of self control and the nature of helping are all appreciated.

15) These days, there is more inclination among youth to find happiness rather than giving importance to moral values.

16) It requires conviction to follow good habits and follow moral values.

17) Not everyone has that much will-power to follow these habits; however, we should try to use them.

18) It is not possible to accomplish any great work without virtue or good character.

19) A person who does not follow morality is considered abhorrent in society as dishonesty is considered as blasphemy in the world.

20) Our society needs more and more people who possess good moral values ​​to grow and develop in the right way.

Moral values are very much necessary for everybody’s life. They are not only important for the people but also essential for a nation. A country is considered as developed when all its population practice moral values in persistently. Moral values in nation help in fighting various menaces like corruption, illegal practices, fraud of any kind etc.

All these menaces are obstacles for a country’s progress and prevent its growth and development. Moral values help in creating a good image of the people as well as a country in whole world.

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