10 Lines on Mewar Festival

Mewar festival is celebrated for welcoming the arrival of the spring season with all enthusiasm and honour in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, as once upon a time Udaipur was the prime city under the Mewar kingdom. Among all the festivals which are celebrated in Rajasthan, the Mewar festival is celebrated with much ecstasy and wholeheartedness.

People from all over India come to Udaipur to visit and celebrate the Mewar festival. The festival also attracts tourist from the world who visit to witness the grandeur of the celebration and be a part of it. Mewar festival is a three-day celebration and during the festival period, the whole city of Udaipur gets enlightened with lights, sparkles and colours of festivity.

Ten Lines on Mewar Festival in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Mewar Festival in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will help you to get complete knowledge about Mewar Festival as well as its related topics.

10 Lines on Mewar Festival

1) Mewar festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan.

2) The festival is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm in the month of April.

3) Mewar festival is celebrated together with gangaur festival in Udaipur.

4) It also symbolically welcomes the spring season (king of seasons).

5) Mewar festival is celebrated with festivity and joy by the people of Udaipur.

6) It is a three days long festival containing the feast from 2nd to 4th April.

7) Udaipur is the heritage city of India having famous and iconic tourist spots.

8) Mewar festival gives an opportunity to everyone to review all the heritages of Mewar.

9) The rich heritage of Mewar includes art, dance, music, food, cultural diversity, etc.

10) People get involved in this event and enjoy the charm and attraction by participating in it.

10 Lines and Sentences on Mewar Festival

1) The Mewar Festival is celebrated annually by the people of Mewar as a representation of welcoming spring, the king of seasons.

2) Coinciding with ‘gangaur’ festival, the Mewar festival is also equally significant for the women of Rajasthan to fully enjoy the ceremony.

3) The spirit of the Mewar festival can be seen in the whole of Rajasthan as Udaipur had been the governing place of Mewar rulers.

4) Mewar festival is organised by the ‘Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation’ which focuses to preserve the traditions of Rajasthan.

5) A colourful event is organised every year to celebrate the legend of the heritages of Mewar and its culture and tradition.

6) Various seminars are also organised to give information on handicrafts which showcases the combination of tradition and modernity.

7) Mewar festival gives an opportunity to the local craftsmen to show their talent by displaying and selling their beautiful handicrafts.

8) Another event which is organised is ‘Food Rangoli’, which is a colourful representation of food conducted by HRH group of hotels.

9) Professional chefs participate to make a variety of dishes and garnish them in just a beautiful way to represent the tradition of Rajasthan.

10) Indian classical as well as Rajasthani folk music is also performed during the music concert which includes singing, dancing and playing instruments.

5 Lines on Mewar Festival

1) It usually falls in April.

2) It is celebrated for three days.

3) It is mainly celebrated in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

4) Mewar inheritances can be explored in this festival.

5) It is celebrated along with the Gangaur festival.

20 Lines on Mewar Festival

1) The festivals of India attract the world a lot.

2) One of the most colourful states of India is Rajasthan.

3) In Rajasthan, there are many festivals that are celebrated with full enthusiasm.

4) One of these festivals of Rajasthan is the Mewar festival.

5) This Mewar festival is celebrated in Udaipur city every year.

6) Udaipur is an important destination for tourists.

7) Rajasthan always boasts its culture at its festivals.

8) Women and men in traditional clothes step out of the home to celebrate this festival.

9) This festival celebrates and welcomes the spring season of the year.

10) Women especially participate in the festival as it coincides with the festival Gangaur.

11) The women decorate ‘Maa Gauri’ and step forward towards lake Pichola.

12) The boats are also decorated At ‘Pichola lake’ to welcome the public.

13) The images of ‘Isar’and ‘Gangaur’ is decorated in this ceremonial process of celebration.

14) The people move towards the Gangaur Ghat while taking the image of the goddess.

15) People gather to dress ‘Isar’ and ‘Maa Gauri’ in this festival.

16) Local artists flaunt their skills at this festival.

17) Music concerts, local dances, and other activities snatch the eyes of the public and tourists.

18) The place Mewar and Mewar festival provide good tourism to the government of India.

19) The festival is organized by the maharaja of Mewar Charitable Foundation.

20) The richness of Rajasthan can be shown in the art, craft, folks, food, and tradition of Mewar.

Mewar festival shows a glimpse of Rajasthan and its rich tradition and culture. It also showcases the history of Rajasthan. The festival caters to all the attractions and highlights of the Mewar festival like Rangoli, music, multi-variety cuisines and so on. This festival is celebrated each year with full enthusiasm and excitement. The extent of this festival is that not only the people of India but people across the world come to witness and participate in this grand festival and cherish the beauty of Indian culture and traditions.

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