10 Lines on Man

Every living and non-living that we see around us has created by God, and we are just a small part of it. Every single object in nature has its importance, whether it is an ant or a giant elephant. Man is another creation of God but not supreme than others. You will read about the man in the below sets of 10 lines.

Ten Lines on Man in English

10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Man are given below in the form of few sets for the students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in very easy language. Just go through them and get your needed one:

10 Lines on Man

1) Man has evolved from primates, a species which mainly consists of gorillas, monkeys and apes.

2) Man is Homo sapiens which walks straight and is intellectual and creative.

3) The evolution of man dates back to around 2 million years ago.

4) The evolution of man is continuing, and our future generation will be smarter than the present.

5) The first species of humans that could walk straight was Homo-erectus.

6) The memory of the human brain can store information up to four terabytes.

7) There are around 29 different bones present in the human skull.

8) The human heart pumps around 183 million litres of blood during its lifetime.

9) Development of civilization and societies show that man is a social animal.

10) From primates to Homo sapiens, the evolution of man was a significant process for the present world.

10 Lines and Sentences on Man

1) Man has evolved from the ape-like species called primates.

2) He is the most intelligent, creative and innovative species on earth.

3) The use of fire was a turning point in the development of human civilization.

4) Socialization and sense of emotion are what which makes humans different from animals.

5) The first fossil of Homo erectus had discovered in 1891.

6) The skull of our ancestors used to be much different as compared to us.

7) The life expectancy of the man is around 80 years on an average.

8) An infant at birth has around 300 bones which reduce to 206 when adult.

9) The size of the human eye remains the same since birth and doesn’t grow.

10) The intellectual improvement of man’s mind has given a huge amount of scope for the development of mankind.

5 Lines on Man

1) Man – the most intelligent creatures in nature.

2) Man was originated from the evolution of monkeys.

3) Man is an adult male human.

4) A man generally has a strong physique.

5) Man should play crucial part in protecting and sustaining the Earth.

20 Lines on Man

1) A man is an individual male human, especially an adult human.

2) In the earlier era, the term ‘Man’ referred the Humanity rather than a male human.

3) Man, and subsequently human, make the optimum use of the available natural resources.

4) Man has evolved from Monkeys or Apes existing in very Ancient age.

5) The earlier man used to live in caves and depended on hunting for his food.

6) The man had found the fire in the Early Stone Age.

7) The invention of the wheel by the men had happened during Mesopotamia Civilization.

8) Later, the man learnt to farm and started to have some animals as pets to help them in farming.

9) The farming made human to live a steady life rather than wandering everywhere.

10) With the discovery of fire, the man started cooking his foods and the flesh of the animals to eat.

11) A man has an average life expectancy of 64.5 years globally.

12) Men have significantly larger ‘Adam’s Apple’ than Women.

13) Man is a social animal and prefers to live in a group rather than living alone.

14) Man’s living in a joint family has made him grow faster and also learn skills to survive in society.

15) Living in groups made Men develop a unique culture and tradition different from the others.

16) Men’s mind is ever learning, and that’s what has made him grow from nothing to everything.

17) Man is the only living being that can smile, and it makes them different from others.

18) The man later discovered Science which he found present everywhere.

19) The thing that makes man explore new things is ‘desire’ which never ends.

20) God has created all the men equally, so we must also treat them equally despite their differences.

“Man is a social animal” we have heard this proverb many times in our lives which is also true to some extent. We all are animals and what make us different from others are our thinking, intelligence, socialization and emotion. Emotion is one of the important qualities which have made us react to things accordingly. It took a long time for us to achieve these qualities, and because of these qualities, we have achieved many things in our lives.

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