10 Lines on Madeira River

The Madeira River is one of the longest tributaries of Amazon River. It is a major waterway of South America and a trans-boundary river which flows between Brazil and Bolivia. Madeira River accounts for the 15 percent of the water in the basin. Madeira River is formed by the junction of the Mamore and Beni River at Villa Bella in Bolivia.

During the wet season Madeira River flows up to 50 feet in height which brings floods in the nearby regions and forests. The former name of Madeira River was the Cuyari River. However the Portuguese used to called it as “Madeira” which means “Wood River”. The river was also an important source of fishes.

Ten Lines on Madeira River in English

We are providing here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Madeira River in English Language for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Students can get help in their studies from these sets of lines and complete their home work, assignments, project work and can get knowledge within less time also. So, let’s start:

10 Lines on Madeira River

1) The Madeira River is one of the major waterways situated in South America.

2) Madeira River is a trans-boundary river and the biggest tributary of Amazon River.

3) Madeira flows between Brazil and Bolivia and it is a major river of South America.

4) Madeira River is formed by the confluence of Mamore and Beni rivers in Bolivia.

5) After joining Abuna River, Madeira turns north-west to Brazil to join Amazon River.

6) The length of Madeira River is 3380 km and the catchment area is 850,000 square km.

7) The average annual rainfall on Madeira River basin varies from about 75 cm to 300 cm.

8) The average annual water discharge is approximately 18,000 cubic metres per second.

9) Tributaries of Madeira River are Clearwater of Aripuana, Ji-Parana or Blackwater of Manicore.

10) The cities which are situated on Madeira River banks are Porto Velho, Cochabamba etc.

10 Lines and Sentences on Madeira River

1) Madeira or Rio Madeira in Portuguese is a major waterway in South America and is the largest tributary to the Amazon River.

2) The former name of Madeira River was “Cuyari River” but the Portuguese called it Madeira River which means ‘Wood River’.

3) Madeira originates by the conjunction of Mamore and Beni rivers at Villa Bella, Bolivia and flows to the northern side forming the border between Bolivia and Brazil.

4) After getting the waters from Abuna River, Madeira River turns towards north-east in Brazil through Rodonia and Amazonas by further joining Amazon River.

5) During rainy season, the river may rise up to 15 m and is navigable only in dry months from June to November.

6) A 283,117 hectares ‘Rio Madeira Sustainable Development Reserve’ is made at the north bank of the river near Novo Aripuana town.

7) The Madeira River carries white-water flow which is the home to a number of varieties of fishes.

8) Crabs, fishes, turtles, algae, dolphins, manatees and anacondas have the habitat in the large part of Madeira River.

9) The Bolivian River Dolphin is considered as the subspecies of the Amazon River Dolphin, a separate type of species which is restricted to upper Madeira River system.

10) Two large hydroelectric dams were built on Madeira River named as ‘Santo Antonio Dam’ and ‘Jirau Dam’ located about 100 km upstream of the river.

5 Lines on Madeira River

1) It is the major tributary of the Amazon River.

2) It emerges from South America’s central region.

3) It is basically a muddy river.

4) This river is 1450 km in length.

5) It passes from Bolivia and Brazil.

20 Lines on Madeira River

1) Madeira River emerges from the central region of South America.

2) It is regarded as the biggest tributary of the Amazon River.

3) It contributes about 15% of water in the Amazon River basin.

4) Madeira River traces its course in Bolivia and Brazil.

5) The confluence of Madre de Dios and Mamore rivers in Bolivia is the originating place of the river Madeira.

6) Madeira River is 1450 km in length.

7) The drainage basin of the Madeira River is 1376000 square km.

8) The Madre De Dios River is the left bank tributary of river Madeira.

9) Mamore, Ji-Parana, Manicore, etc. are the right bank tributaries of river Madeira.

10) The river finally joins the Amazon River in Brazil.

11) Madeira River is an important river of South America.

12) It is also called as Portuguese Madeira or Wood River.

13) River Cuyari was the ancient name of the river Madeira.

14) Madeira River is regarded among the largest rivers in the world in terms of discharge volume.

15) The water level of the river rises up to 15 m in the rainy season.

16) Madeira River accounts for depositing about 50% of sediment in the Amazon River.

17) The river basin is enriched with more than 900 species of fish.

18) It also harbors a rich variety of flora and fauna.

19) Sant Antonio and Jirau are the two dams built on the river Madeira.

20) The construction of these dams has an adverse impact on biodiversity over there.

The today’s Brazilian society and their demand of power and other facilities have posed a threat to the ecosystems of many rivers and Madeira River is also one of them. The building of dams and hydroelectric plants has disturbed the aquatic life of fishes and other living beings in the river. The biodiversity as well as climatic and environmental condition of Madeira River has been affected severely. The Santo Antonio Dam has also submerged two famous waterfalls in the area.

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