10 Lines on Jainism

Jainism is one of the few most important and popular religions in the world. There are many things to know about Jainism that you can have through the sets of 10 lines below. You should check all the provided points to make your every doubt clear and know Jainism completely. So let’s begin.

Ten Lines on Jainism

Set – 1

1) Jainism is one of the important religions in the World.

2) We still lack the data referring to the actual date of rising of Jainism.

3) There have 24 promoters in Jainism, as history tells us.

4) Among those 24 promoters, the 24th was Mahaveer Jain.

5) Many scriptures in Jainism indicate that it is older than Buddhism.

6) Some holy scriptures of Jainism are Sects, Jain Agamas, Digambara, and Svetambara.

7) The place where Jain visits to worship is called Jain Temple or Derasar.

8) Some important festivals of Jainism are Mahaveer Jayanti, Paryushana, Mahamastakabhisheka, and Diwali.

9) Jainism is divided into two sections as Svetambara and Digambara.

10) Jainism is spread in almost every nation in the world.

Set – 2

1) Vardhaman Mahaveer has played the most important role in spreading Jainism all over the world.

2) The people who follow Jainism are called Jain.

3) Mahaveer mostly used Magadhi and Prakrit language to spread his teachings.

4) The Jain monks work on attaining the stage of complete knowledge.

5) These Jain Monks also work on spreading the Jainism in every part of the world.

6) Digambara monks don’t cover their bodies and stay naked.

7) Svetambara monks wear only white clothes.

8) Svetambara and Digambara are further divided into many sub-categories.

9) Jainism teaches us not to follow attachment and violence, become self-disciplined and accept the truth.

10) Jainism spreads love and brotherhood among the people.

Jainism says that no religion in the World is bad. All religions teach us the same things in different ways. Love and respect for every religion is perhaps the greatest reason for its popularity in the whole world. We should also understand that not any religion ever teaches us anything wrong. We should respect every religion equally.