Paragraph on International Labour Day

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Short and Long Paragraphs on International Labour Day

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

International Labour Day is an annual celebration. It falls on the first day of May every year. All the countries around the globe celebrate it on the same day. The International Labour Day is also popular as International Worker’s Day or May Day in many countries. It is a day to celebrate the role of workers that they play in shaping our life as well as our nation.

We often see workers employed on some projects around us. International Labour Day reminds us to thank for their restless efforts for us. We should share some moments of happiness with them.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

All the national and international days in our calendar are made with some specific objectives. International Labour Day, which falls on 1 May, also served with some objective behind celebrating the day.

In the olden times, the labours did not get their due respect. People considered them inferior and did not want to sit with them. Even they were paid the deserved wages and were forced to work more than the required time. They abstain from many benefits in society.

The modern time is much different from those days. The labours now get all the respect they deserve. They have got equal status in society and receive much attention. It has become possible because of the International Labour Day.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

International Labour Day is very important and so important is its celebration. It is a global event to recognize the labours on the global level. Though it falls on the same day in all the countries, its way of celebration may differ from each other.

On the day, many institutions and organizations schedule an award ceremony to distinguish labours for their tireless efforts in constructing a colony for our shelter. Union of the labours arranges a rally on the day as a reward for themselves. They also announce some slogans for themselves to make people aware of their work.

The International Labour Organization also conducts many programs to honour the labourer around the world. Newspapers, magazines and other media work on making people aware of the work of the labours through their programs and articles. This is how the celebration goes around the world, keeping the legacy of the day.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

International Labour Day falls on 1 May. It is a global event that all the countries in the world celebrate together. There is a reason behind celebrating the International Labour Day in the entire world.

It was first May in 1886, and some workers in Chicago were on protest. They were protesting against work for eight hours for them in those days. Suddenly a person from somewhere threw a grenade on the crowd of the workers protesting there. The police, sensing the danger, fired at the crowd of workers. This incident took the lives of many workers as well as policemen.

On the first meeting of congress in 1889 in Paris, Sir Raymond Lavigne put a proposal of celebrating International Labour Day in the memory of the event. After the two years in 1891, the proposal was accepted, and the event became the International Labour Day to be celebrated in the whole world.

After launching the ‘International Labour Day’, also known as ‘International Workers Day’, the authority also made it mandatory for all the nations to celebrate it on the day. So, it is a day to pay respect to all the workers in the world for their work.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

International Labour Day is one of the important days in the world. It is a global event that makes realize how important the labourers are in our society. The greatest importance of the day is that it gives us a day to see the condition of the labours so that we can also contribute to making their life better and improving their social status.

Though the condition of the labour has improved slightly from those in the olden days, many things still seek for the focus of the people for their solution. All the positive changes made in the life of the workers are the result of celebrating International Labour Day. Without the day, so much development in society was impossible.

The problem of Child Labour also comes under the International Labour matter. The international government should focus on this issue and other related issues. In the form of child labour, children become a victim of exploitation in many places. Also in some places in the world, people work as bonded labour and get no wage in return for their work. This is a major problem to be corrected on International Labour Day.

The celebration of the day demands to work on the issues related to labour on every level. We can celebrate the day with labour and their families. We can buy gifts and other necessary things for them. We can take them to the nearby restaurants and feed them with us. It will bring a major positive change in society.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is International Labour Day observed?

Ans. International Labour Day is observed on 1st of May every year.

Q2. What is the other name of International Labour Day?

Ans. International Labour Day is also called May Day.

Q3. When was International Labour Day first celebrated in India?

Ans. International Labour Day was first celebrated in the year 1923 in India.

Q4. What was the theme of International Labour Day 2020?

Ans. Maintaining Safety and Security at workplace was the theme for 2020 Labour Day.