10 Lines on Isaac Newton

Though there have been many scientists in history, only a few of them have been able to make a good impression worldwide. One of them was Sir Isaac Newton and, you must have heard his name many times in your life. It is time to read some details about his life through the sets of 10 lines on Isaac Newton below. You should check them, and I am sure that you will be amazed by reading them.

Ten Lines on Isaac Newton

Set 1

1) Sir Isaac Newton was a great scientist from the history of the world.

2) He had born on 4 January 1643 at Lincolnshire in England.

3) He was raised by his maternal grandmother.

4) He completed his schooling from The King’s School in Grantham and Trinity College in Cambridge.

5) He started working in the broad field of calculus since 1665.

6) Newton discovered that the white light is the combination of seven different colours in ‘VIBGYOR’ sequence.

7) In physics, he provided with wonderful concepts in ‘Energy, Laws of Motion and Gravity.

8) Sir Isaac Newton invented ‘Reflecting Telescope’ in 1668.

9) Newton had discovered the particle nature of light.

10) He died on 31 March 1727 at Kensington in England.

Set 2

1) Isaac Newton has revolutionized the entire world with his discoveries and inventions in Science.

2) He had lost his father a few months before his birth.

3) He has worked in various fields including physics, Mathematics, Theology, and Economics, etc.

4) Newton compiled all his works of physics in his book ‘Principia’.

5) Newton’s story related to the discovery of gravity was told by himself.

6) It is said that Newton had born as a premature child.

7) His mother married to a person after his father’s death, but Newton didn’t like his second father.

8) He had invented calculus at the time when the world was suffering from the pandemic of plague.

9) Before the day of the death of Newton, he had severe pain in his stomach.

10) After his death, he was cremated at Westminster Abbey.

Sir Newton has proved their intelligence to the world through his discoveries and inventions. Most, probably all, of his theories are still unchallenged. He served the world with his sharp mind and remained unmarried throughout his life. He was an inspiration for many scientists.

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