10 Lines on International Week of Science and Peace

Everyone is using the applications of science in their day-to-day life to reduce their working time. It also helped humans by simplifying their tasks. But it can act as a friend as well as a foe according to its usage. Therefore, it is only up to humans to use science and technology in such a way that could be proved beneficial for the whole society.

Ten Lines on International Week of Science and Peace in English

Here, I’m presenting ten lines on “International Week of Science and Peace” in the form of sets. The language is kept very easy so that you can understand this topic quickly.

Set 1

1) The International Week of Science and Peace is celebrated throughout the week in which 11 November lies.

2) It was first observed on 10 November 1986.

3) On 1988, it was declared as international week by the General Assembly.

4) Main motive of this week is using science to create peace and harmony.

5) Various activities take place during this week.

6) Intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations are requested to encourage awareness by the General Assembly.

7) It promotes developing technologies by taking care of the natural environment.

8) This week represents importance of science and peace for better future.

9) It is an autonomous event which means it does not select theme for a year.

10) Different public awareness campaigns are organized on this week.

Set 2

1) In 2021, this week will be celebrated from 8 to 14 November.

2) Initially it was a non-governmental initiative.

3) It also encourages big participation on international level.

4) Science and peace are the main focus; achieving peace using science.

5) It is celebrated to think about scientific issues and raise various innovative ideas.

6) It was supported by UN General Assembly resolution on science and peace.

7) It is a way to promote peace in the country.

8) There has been seen huge participation of member countries especially during the times of Covid.

9) It encourages that involved institution should hold various activities to spread public awareness.

10) It promotes, using science for the betterment of society as it is used various times for the destruction.


Various celebration like World Science Day, International week of Science and Peace, International Day of Peace, etc are celebrated to encourage the importance of science along with peace in the world. This type of celebration plays an important role in constituting peace and harmony in the society.

I hope the above given lines on “International week of Science and Peace” would be useful for you in understanding this topic.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on International Week of Science and Peace

Q.1 Who started International Science Day?

Ans. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) started International Science Day in 2001.

Q.2 What was the theme for World Science Day 2020?

Ans. The theme for World Science Day 2020 was “Science for and with Society”.