10 Lines on National Epilepsy Day

Epilepsy is a neurological chronic disease. This is not a new disease; it was seen earlier in history. In ancient times, it was treated as a spiritual condition. Now also in some backward areas, illiterate people believe in this myth and do not prefer medication. Therefore, campaigns like “National Epilepsy Day” would be helpful to great extent in order to make them aware of different aspects of this disease.

Ten Lines on National Epilepsy Day in English

Here, I’m presenting ten lines on National Epilepsy Day in the form of sets so that you can easily go through this topic. The language is kept easy for your better understanding.

Set 1

1) National Epilepsy Day is celebrated on 17 November every year.

2) To raise concern about epilepsy, people celebrate this day.

3) The Epilepsy foundation of India started this nation-wide campaign.

4) The main aim of this program is to educate people about the causes, symptoms and cure of epilepsy.

5) Various seminars, debates, lectures, etc are conducted on this day.

6) Epilepsy is a non-communicable brain disease.

7) On this day, many hospitals organize free treatment camps.

8) Purple color is used to promote epilepsy awareness.

9) This campaign also encourages epilepsy patients.

10) It is a national level campaign designed to change the view of people about epilepsy.

Set 2

1) National Epilepsy Awareness month is celebrated in the month of November.

2) Public awareness is important as knowing early warning signs would be helpful for treatment.

3) Epilepsy is a curable disease if treated properly.

4) The main motive of this day is to take proper medication instead of getting panicked.

5) Quick actions should be taken to deal with epilepsy.

6) According to WHO, about 50 million people are suffering from epilepsy worldwide.

7) Some causes of epilepsy include head injury, brain infections, brain tumors, etc.

8) Loss of consciousness, stiffening of muscles, sudden twitching, etc are its symptoms.

9) Dr. Nirmal Surya founded Epilepsy Foundation in 2009 to help epilepsy patients.

10) To raise concern about epilepsy, International Epilepsy Day is celebrated on the second Monday of February.


Many patients belonging to developing countries do not receive proper treatment. As per reports, 80% epilepsy patients are from developing countries. 75% of patients are prone to early death due to not having proper treatment. In India more than 10 million people are suffering from epilepsy.

I hope the above given lines on National Epilepsy Day would be helpful for you. You can use this detail in order to complete your project works or to boost your knowledge regarding this topic.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on National Epilepsy Day

Q.1 Who is more prone to epilepsy?

Ans. Patients like children and people above 65 years old are more prone to epilepsy.

Q.2 What are early signs of epilepsy?

Ans. Unconsciousness, jerking of the arms and legs, fuzzy feeling, etc. are the signs of epilepsy.