10 Lines on International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on 20th March by 193 member states of the United Nations, 11 territories and 2 observer states in order to promote the global campaign of creating awareness about the importance of happiness in the life of an individual being. On 28th June 2012, the United Nations adopted a resolution to observe 20th March as an International Day of Happiness. United Nations observed that happiness plays a crucial role in promoting balanced, equitable and sustainable economic growth.

Ten Lines on International Day of Happiness

Set 1

1) The International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on 20th March to inspire the global happiness movement.

2) The program celebration aims to highlight awareness about happiness among people around the globe.

3) The International Day of Happiness was founded by Jayme Illien, UN special advisor, in 2013.

4) The International Day of Happiness promotes the happiness and well being of every individual for a peaceful society.

5) The International Day of Happiness is endorsed by a global coalition of 193 United Nations member countries.

6) The day also emphasizes the pursuit of happiness which is a very fundamental goal of human beings.

7) Every year, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated across the world with a theme to spread the awareness of living a happy and fulfilled life.

8) International Day of Happiness 2019 theme is ‘’Share Happiness and Be a Part of Something Amazing’’.

9) The International Day of Happiness 2019 theme inspires people for amazing activities like arts and humanities which can bring happiness in life of others.

10) Many global programs like conferences, panel discussions, seminars, concert performances are organized on International Day of Happiness.

Set 2

1) The main reason for International happiness Day is to assess the happiness of the people around the world.

2) The event is celebrated every year since 2013.

3) The day is celebrated on 20 March every year because equinox falls on this day.

4) UNIDO happiness founder Jayme Illien proposed the date of world happiness day.

5) Jamey Illean is the person who got inspiration as he lived his life in an orphanage.

6) He lived at mother Teresa international home of charity in Kolkata for many years.

7) World happiness report shows the ratio of happy people around the globe.

8) This ratio is on the basis of different sectors like socio, environmental, economic, etc.

9) In 2012 the final assessment report for this resolution was first passed by the united nation assembly.

10) Equinox is the time period when day and night have an equal share of time and every people feel its presence on earth.

10 Lines on International Day of Happiness

Set 3

1) Happiness is the main key to conquer the world.

2) Happiness brings mental, physical, and social well-being.

3) To sprinkle happiness, International happiness day is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

4) Every year this celebration is done with a new theme provided by the UN.

5) The theme of 2021 was: “Happiness for all, Together”.

6) People at various platforms conduct activities, campaigns, seminars, etc to promote the importance of happiness.

7) Various institutes like schools, colleges, and social workers organize different kinds of programs to make people aware of this day.

8) Almost 156 countries are included in the world happiness index.

9) Finland is the topmost country in the list of world happiness index.

10) India ranks 140th according to 2021 data.

Set 4

1) The schools and educational institutions celebrate the International Day of Happiness by organizing various competitions like essay writing, drama, skit and painting.

2) Various NGO’s organize the community welfare programs like yoga and meditation sessions on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness.

3) According to the world happiness report Finland is the world’s happiest country followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway.

4) UN runs various global campaigns for drawing the attention of the international community on the importance of happiness in the sustainable development of an economy.

5) Many celebrities, public figures, world leaders, government organizations celebrate the day like a festival.

6) International Day of Happiness unites the nations worldwide towards the eradication of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy, the obstacles to happiness.

7) International Day of Happiness celebration stresses the importance of health and wellbeing over material wealth for sustainable life.

8) Many companies celebrate International Day of Happiness by organizing free workshops for the workers to create awareness about the benefits of happiness.

9) The nations should frame effective policies as per the aspirations of people in order to achieve the mission of happiness for all by 2050.

10) Government, civil communities, NGOs should come together and organize activities on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness to create waves of happiness in society.

International Day of Happiness provides a unique opportunity to 193 member states of the United Nations to focus on innovative ways to improve the quality of life by implementing the policies as per the directives of the World Happiness Report in their respective states for socio, economic and environmentally sustainable development.

The celebration of International happiness every year ensures that health and well-being is of supreme importance when it comes to individual growth in society. On International Day of Happiness, we can take a pledge to bring a remarkable change in society by making it free from stress and violence through inculcating some of the good habits like doing exercise, a meditation on regular basis in our daily life.