10 Lines on Ordnance Factories Day

Ordnance Factories Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the foundation day of Ordnance Factory Board, India on 18th March 1802. Ordnance factories board is the world’s largest government-owned organization with a total workforce of almost 1,65,000. The board is also regarded as the force behind the armed forces of India as it is among the top 40 defence products manufacturers in the world. The ordnance factories day is celebrated nationwide by the staff, workers and officials of the board every year with great patriotic fervour and enthusiasm.

Ten Lines on Ordnance Factories Day

Set 1

1) The Ordnance Factories Day is celebrated every year on 18th March in order to mark the foundation of first ordnance factory at Kolkata in 1802.

2) It is celebrated with great fervour in all the ordnance factories of India.

3) The celebration includes flag hoisting by the general manager of the factory and thereafter pledge by workmen to serve the nation.

4) Various seminars, panel discussions, conferences are also organized on productivity and quality on the occasion of Ordnance Factories Day.

5) An exhibition of ordnance factory products like small arms, aircraft weapons, guns, missiles, military vehicles is arranged for all employees.

6) Ordnance factories day celebration unites and brings feeling of togetherness among the workmen.

7) On the occasion, several social welfare activities are organized for the family of employees.

8) The event is organized by staff, workmen, and officers of the respective factories and the representatives of trade unions and associations.

9) Various awards ceremony are also organised on the day to facilitate the employees for their remarkable service.

10) Ordnance Factories Board has instituted various categories of award like Ayudh Bhusan, Ayudh Ratna, Ayudh Shri, Ayudh Devi, etc.

Set 2

1) The ordnance factories day celebration aims to commemorate the oldest industrial factory run by the Government of India, the Ordnance Factory Board.

2) The Ordnance Factories Day celebration also includes the parade ceremony along with flag hoisting.

3) The parade ceremony referred as ‘Prabhat Pheri’ includes brass band which plays melodious tunes of Ordnance Factory Song as a part of celebration.

4) The exhibition show of firearms, rifles, guns, pistols at various ordnance factories across India is normally open to all the public.

5) Various strategies are planned during the events on Ordnance Factories Day for the future modernisation of the factories present nationwide.

6) The day is also celebrated by conducting parade ceremony by the officials of ordnance factories nationwide.

7) The cultural activities like singing, dancing, and band performance are also being organized as a part of celebration of Ordnance Factories Day.

8) The celebration reminds us the commitment of dedicated officers and employees who play vital role in the security of the country.

9)  The celebration also symbolises the importance of Ordnance Factory Board which is also regarded as country’s “Fourth Arm of Defence.”

10) One of the objectives of Ordnance Factories Day celebration is to create awareness of arms and ammunition being manufactured at the factories among the general public.

Under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, the Ordnance Factories Day celebration gives the unique opportunity to exhibit the research, development, production, marketing and logistics of the wide range of arms and ammunition by the ordnance factories nationwide.

Every year the celebration of Ordnance Factories Day on 18th March renews the commitment of workers and employees for production of arms and ammunition of supreme quality. Industries conduct various training programs and run awareness campaign on the occasion of Ordnance Factories Day in order to enhance the productivity and skill sets of the workers.