10 Lines on Importance of Election

Election in a country is considered as the backbone of democracy. It gives an open platform to the citizens of the country to freely contest for the election or vote for their favorite representative contesting in the election. It gives the power to choose the government in the hands of the people.

Election process acts as an instrument through which the people of a country decide whether they need a change in the country’s leadership.

It gives a chance to the people to scrutinize their representatives on various aspects and choose the better one who could give a better development.

It also helps to avoid monarchy of the government by providing an option to change the government after certain period of time.

Ten Lines on Importance of Election in English

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10 Lines on Importance of Election – Set 1

1) Election is a medium through which the citizens of a country choose their government based on their choice.

2) It forms the backbone of a democratic nation where the government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

3) Election holds the representative accountable for their performance during their tenure and gives the choice of re-selection in the hands of the people.

4) It promotes a fair selection process and provides an equal chance to all the representatives contesting in the election.

5) Election provides a platform for the representatives to highlight their achievements and put forth the weaknesses of their opponents towards the public.

6) It creates a healthy competition between the candidates of different political parties and gives an option to choose the most deserving one.

7) Election safeguards a country from heading towards Anarchy due to the absence of government.

8) It also saves the country from dictatorship, autocracy or monarchy type of governments where citizens could not choose government.

9) Election also acts as a form of self-correctness where the governing party checks their performances as they have to appear towards the people during election.

10) Election also adds up to the country’s development since the popular government chosen by the people works for the welfare and development of the nation.

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10 Lines on Importance of Election – Set 2

1) Election is a form of expression of the thoughts and decision of the people in a country.

2) It ensures a proper functioning of the government and establishment of democracy in a country.

3) Elections represent the direct participation of the citizens in the democratic process which is the base of democracy.

4) It gives a freedom of choice to the citizens by which they elect the candidate whom they think can safeguard their rights and freedom.

5) It acts as a voice of the public through which they express their opinion at the time of election.

6) Election also acts as the acceptance or denial of the policies enforced by the incumbent government.

7) It is a tool which forces the elected government to work for the welfare of the public and country’s development.

8) Election also acts as a feedback survey by the people to the incumbent government and its working.

9) It plays an important role in expressing the demands of the public and translating it into policy decisions.

10) Elections are the pillars of democracy which help to give country a government which works for its welfare and development.

Elections are important for a democratic nation for its proper functioning and to keep it on the track of growth and development. Enlightened and vigilant citizens are also important for election so that they can choose a strong and stable government who works for the country as whole without any personal benefits.

Election also keeps a control on the government so that it does not act against the population and always works for their welfare. Overall, elections help to sustain democracy in the country as the government in the country is chosen by its own citizens.